"We'll Be Out On The Practice Field Tomorrow"

"Obviously we're very, very disappointed. I don't think we played very well. They controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. We didn't make plays, we turned the ball over; we had a minus-four turnover ratio so that's two years in a row against this team. You're not going to win any football games turning the ball over in that fashion."

"A lot of people have responsibilities on the turnovers. I do, certainly the quarterbacks do, certainly the offensive line does, and the receivers do. You have got to take care of the football; and we have got to create turnovers on defense. I thought our players are learning, going on the road in a hard environment, we fall behind and hold them to four field goals in the first half. We bend, we didn't break, the defense kept us in it."

"We scored right away to start the second half and our kicker kicks it straight out of bounds. Those are things that championship programs don't do, when they seize momentum they don't just hand it over to the other team. So, those are things we have to get fixed, and those are things that don't get fixed on Saturdays. Stuff gets fixed Sunday through Friday. We'll be out on the practice field tomorrow, we have a lot of things we have to clean up. We have a tough opponent coming in next week and we'd better have a great attitude on the practice field tomorrow. If we do we're going to get ourselves right back on track to where we want to go."

Q: Do you pin the interceptions on their pressure or bad decisions? "No, I mean, it was pretty simple stuff. The first interception, I'd like to see Chris (Relf) lead the receiver across the field a little bit more. He threw it a little bit behind him and the kid (Peterson) went up and made a heck of a play and took it away from our receiver. Our receiver (Arceto Clar) has got to go take it away from him in those situations."

"The second one: a complete, blown assignment by the offensive line, we just let a guy run clean through in the a-gap, a guy open. Chris threw trying to make a play to get it to somebody, but that one is 100% on the offensive line. It was probably a bad call on Tyler (Russell's) one in the third quarter, that was a bad call on my part. The last one, the tailback didn't get the protection check and didn't get out in the protection he was supposed to be. Tyler got hit right as he was getting ready to throw it."

Q: Was Chris out after taking that hit? "Chris got dinged in the head, Tyler came in and played well in his first drive. At that point there was no need…we got Chris checked out and he was fine to go back in. Tyler came in, led a good drive, and there was no chance even to risk it with Chris then. But talking to our trainers they expect him to be fine, ready to go for next week." "We said the second half we needed to take control. All we had to do was get the ball and drive down and score a touchdown and you're right back in the middle of the game. And I do like our team that we responded to do that."

Q: LSU tried some different defenses, like a 3-2-6, did that surprise you? "We were expecting that, we saw that. It really wasn't that big a deal. We just missed a couple of base, base things that we should pick up."

"I'm really disappointing, we have a veteran offensive line. They were simple, simple things that we missed on the offensive line tonight that we need to get fixed."

Q: In the second half did it seem LSU felt threatened and began attacking north-south instead of east-west? "Well, it certainly didn't help that we kicked the ball out of bounds, gave them the ball at midfield. That certainly helped the cause. Those are the situations, when you take momentum and just hand it back? You can't do those things. That can't happen."

Q: Jordan Jefferson struggled his first couple of games, what kind of game did you see from him? "He did a nice job, he made a play, he scrambled around. I think he did some nice things, managed the game, made some plays with his feet. He took care of the ball. It's that simple, look at our game against them last year. What if they turned it over five times and we turned it over once? Probably flip the score no matter how anybody else performed. That's what it comes down to."

Q: Talk about the hit on Relf? "I mean, he hit him right in the face, helmet-to-helmet; Chris got woozy and came off the field."

Q: You were talking to the official, what did you say? "I just asked him if it was helmet-to-helmet; he said absolutely not. I said, OK."

Q: Were you surprised how Tyler came in and completed those first passes? "Not at all. Not at all surprised. Both those guys, we have two quarterbacks that earn playing time. I thought Chris was actually doing a decent job, even though he threw the interceptions they weren't on him in the first half. If I thought that was an issue we might have played Tyler more, but I thought Chris was doing a good job and when Tyler got called he took advantage of it and did a nice job. I thought Tyler gained some valuable experience out here on that field tonight."

Q: Is Arceto Clark becoming a go-to receiver in clutch situations? "I hope so. I hope so. We need those guys to step up. And we need those guys to step up, and we've got a lot of young wide receivers playing in that football game right now. He made a couple of nice catches, did it last week. We need those guys to take it to another level."

"Most programs are playing with receivers that have been around a couple of years. We're playing with really young guys that are all basically first, second year players."

Q: The defense doesn't break in the first half, what happened in the second half? "Well, we gave them a bunch of short fields. Once we started that, when we gave them the ball on the 40 that might have been their worst field position of the second half to start a drive. So that's not playing very good team football."

Q: You changed return men late, were you getting frustrated with the kickoff returns. "Yeah, because it was. When they came off, we went through the look. One guy I missed my block that play, we get it fixed; went through the next look, another guys said I missed my block on that play. Those are the things that great programs don't do. Guys don't make mistakes, guys do their job."

Q: On the first interception you had 3rd-and-1, was it play-action? "Yeah, we took a shot. He (Clark) was the primary receiver, he actually had a step on him across the field. The ball was a little bit behind him. And Peterson is a heck of a player right there, he went up; Arceto is like well he kind of bumped me and took the ball away. I said yeah, bump him and take the ball away from him!"

"When our guys grow up that's what they'll do. When our young receivers start figuring that out, I expect our young receivers to start doing: taking those balls away from dbs. It was a big play in the game, we had a chance to score."

"All the turnovers are. You can't turn the ball over and win in the Southeastern Conference, it's not going to happen."

Q: Plays like that and the kickoff out of bounds, is that just having a young team? "It's some confidence, too. A lot of young players, when you have that inexperience they're looking around saying who is going to make the play; here we are right in this situation, who is going to make a play? Everybody needs to look in the mirror to go make that play and say I'm going to be the one to make that play; and I'm going to be the one to make it because I feel so prepared with the work I've put in Sunday-through-Friday to go play this game. That I've prepared myself so well for the game that I'm ready to make any play that comes at me."

"I give LSU credit. I think they have a young team but at some positions they have some experience. They do a good job, they have some playmakers, their guys made plays during the game and did a nice job. You take the turnovers away, that game might even come down to the last possession."

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