A Q&A With Elgin Bailey

Gene's Page talks one-on-one with Mississippi State junior basketball player Elgin Bailey.

The 6-8, 265-pound junior Elgin Bailey is still recovering from an ACL injury as well as preparing to help MSU replace graduated big man Jarvis Varnado. He talked one-on-one with Gene's Page about both of those things as well as a few other things.

Are you 100% now from your ACL surgery?
"Not quite. By the time the season kicks in I'll be 100%."

What can you not do right now due to the ACL?
"The only thing I can't do is squat. That's it."

How have you changed your body since last season?
"I'm more toned up now. I haven't lost any weight. I just changed things."

With Jarvis Varnado gone, has your role on the team changed any?
"It's not going to change at all."

What will your role be this year?
"My role is to get the guys going and do what I have to do to support the team."

One aspect of your role that may change is leadership. This is your third year at State. Will you attempt to be more of a leader on the team since you are now one of the veterans?
"Yes sir, I'm trying to be more vocal. Jarvis (Varnado) and Barry (Stewart) were our leaders but they led by example and weren't vocal guys. I'm a vocal guy."

When you get on the court this year what will MSU fans see from Elgin Bailey?
"A new and improved Elgin but with the same toughness, hardnose."

How have you improved since last season?
"I've improved on my mid-range shot and all of it, really."

Who has surprised you of the new guys?
"Brian (Bryant) and Jalen (Steele). Those two have really surprised me."

"Jalen is a freshman but he's not a step slow behind us. And he's as tough as anybody on the court. Brian is thin but he's a great rebounder, a great rebounder."

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