"It's Our Time To Get On A Roll"

WIDE RECEIVER CHAD BUMPHIS: Q: How pumped-up are you on the field going for fourth down? "That's the offense's dream! Because it shows the coach has confidence in you. And we went out and got it. But there wasn't any doubt in anyone's mind because we know how hard we worked and what we put in. So there was no shock to us."

"Coach told us at the beginning of that drive if we go down and score, the game's over. I mean, that's exactly what we did. I think it was something like a 90-yard drive and Arceto finished it off with a touchdown. When I saw Chris throw it, I knew there was no way he wasn't getting in the end zone."

Q: You were without the top tight ends, did that put more burden on the receivers? "Yeah, we practiced like that all week. We started the game with me and Brandon Heavens both in, he was basically playing a tight end position but flexed-out wide. I think it was a different look for them, and I liked it."

Q: This week it seemed almost every pass Chris threw was a catchable ball? "Yeah, it just comes from practicing. Coach Mullen said we just needed to make big plays and we made the plays tonight."

Q: Is it easier to stay in rhythm when you're running well? "Either way we go, we just have to stay balanced. And our passing game complements our running game, if we can pass it's a plus. I just think it's a balanced offense."

Q: Can this game be a starting point for something big? "Yeah, I think it's our time to get on a roll and start winning. We've been practicing hard and doing everything we're asked to do. It's just time for us to go out and execute."

WIDE RECEIVER ARCETO CLARK: Q: Talk about the touchdown catch and how it was the turning point? "Relf threw a great ball and me being a receiver I'm just out there to catch the ball. It really wasn't nothing just spectacular, but he put the ball in the right spot and I just caught it."

Q: How similar was that to the interception at LSU last week? "It was very similar to last week; actually it was the same route! But we took it in a little deeper."

Q: Did the chewing you took after LSU help you make the play this time? "Yeah, that stuck in the back of my mind! And I made sure when I had a chance again I was going to make that play."

Q: Was the play called for you? "It was called for each receiver to make the play, and whoever was open."

"I was very determined to get in the end zone because I know how good it feels to score. And I hadn't scored since high school, I've been waiting on that."

"We've been working hard, hoping things turn around. And it seems everything rolls our way."

DEFENSIVE END PERNELL McPHEE: Q: Were you surprised Aaron Murray was able to run as he did? "We knew he could move around, but we didn't know he could move around like that, we didn't know he had that type of speed."

"I was just taking bad angles and not bringing my feet with me, I was diving for him instead of running through him. That's something I've got to work on all week."

Q: Was this the defense's best game? "You could say it. But I think we can a dominant defense. Right now we're just a good defense."

Q: Did the defense have to just keep coming and keep coming? "No doubt, no doubt. We didn't have any choice but shake it off because we've been through a lot of things, this is the second year a lot of guys have played together. So we were really just focused in on every play."

Q: When Georgia had the touchdown called back did you get a sense things were going your way? "Not really, they executed on that play, they got their results."

Q: On the third-down conversion pass that was called back, who was it that got chop blocked? "The guy high-lowed me or something and it got called back. They executed the play but they did some stupid things on that play."

Q: What does a win like this do for team confidence? "It's a big SEC school, so we got our confidence up, Coach has been telling us all year that we've been the better team. And we've really seen that. Now that we've beaten Georgia we feel like we're better than a lot of teams we're going to play from now on out. So it's a real lot of confidence we've got."

Q: What did the defense think when Clark caught the touchdown? "Hands down, no doubt I knew he was coming down with it. Because he's a true playmaker, he just hasn't gotten opportunities to get the ball to him. But when we do get it to him, y'all watch him."

LINEBACKER K.J. WRIGHT: Q: You've had a lot of tackles the last three games, are you doing something different? "No, I'm just going out there and playing football. I've bee playing for a long time and I have to go out there and lead my team and keep making plays."

Q: Did the defense avoid getting frustrated by all the third downs, since you kept them out of the end zone until late? "That's what we pride ourselves on. That we can bend but not break. So they get third downs, that's fine; the closer they get the more we have to tighten down and prevent them from scoring."

"Before the game Coach Diaz showed some clips on Ray Lewis and how he leads. I just made it a thing on myself to do that, I've got to lead my defense to a victory."

Q: You played as a freshman in 2007 and saw what a turning point game is. Could this be that kind of game? "It's a real big turning point. We knew coming into this game that this game, we had to win it. If we didn't win it, it was going to be bad for us. So we came out and got the win and we were real proud we did."

Q: Tempers seemed to flare late the game, what happened? "Oh, that's just football. You know, a bunch of guys out there, a lot of testosterone, so we just got into it. But that was just part of the game! I didn't do anything but talking, I'm not going to be fighting; I can't get kicked out of the game!"

"We got a lot of breaks in this game. That's just part of the game, but we don't need to count on those breaks. We have to pride ourselves on making those breaks for ourselves."

Q: Will you work on becoming a better receiver this week? "Yes, I'm going get on the jugs machine so I can do better on the interceptions!"

QUARTERBACK CHRIS RELF: Q: Is your confidence growing after this kind of game? "Yes. Coach Mullen always says somebody out there has to make a big play. I just stepped up and made a big play, that's all."

Q: Did you expect Arceto (Clark) to go get that pass this time? "Yes, I led him in the middle of the field, last week I think I should have led him more. This week I did and he came up with the big catch."

Q: Did you consider pulling the ball down and running? "Nah, I was throwing it from the start. I read man-to-man and I saw Arceto come across the field. And I just made a big throw."

Q: Did it help to play the whole game? "I think it helped me a lot. As the game went on I think I made a lot of big plays."

Q: On the 4th-and-1 how much confidence did you have? "We practiced on it all week, we just have to go make a big play, that's all."

Q: Did you think that was the turning point? "Not really. I thought it was when we came back out in the third and scored on the next drive."

Q: Were you at all surprised when Coach didn't hesitate on fourth down? "Nah. I wasn't surprised. I expected it."

Q: What does a win like this do for your confidence? "We're always confident. We work hard in practice every week. We just have to get ready for next week."

Q: Do you expect that many carries in a game? "If they give it to me, I'm going to take it! I know he put the ball in my hands, I'm the quarterback, that's what I have to do."

Q: Will you teach Perkins how to throw that pass a little better? "Ah, he's alright! I blame that on me, I should have stepped in front of the guy and knocked the ball down!"

SAFETY CHARLES MITCHELL Q: Georgia moved the ball and got first downs, were they a frustrating team to defend? "We didn't get off the field the way we wanted to. They got a lot of third down conversions on us, and throughout the game we continued to get better and focus more on getting off the field and doing what we had to do to stop them from scoring. I think we did a real good job of not letting them get in the end zone while they were in the red zone." Q: Did you see who Georgia held on the touchdown that was called back? "I don't know who was being held, it was #15 for them. But on that play they got us on that one, but thankfully it was holding."

"We felt good going into halftime. We had some minor things, like getting off the field on third downs to put our offense in better field position, who knows what the score could have been? We gave up those conversions and we just had to play through it."

Q: It had to be encouraging to see Sean hit his first field goal this year and Derek kick two into the end zone? "We really liked that! The kicking game has been a little bad this season and tonight it was definitely the best performance."

TAILBACK VICK BALLARD: Q: Describe your fourth-down conversion run? "The O-line did a good job blocking and I just saw a piece of grass and went and got it."

Q: What did it say that Coach trusted you and Chris to execute the play? "I really didn't think about it. My number came up and I went and got it."

Q: There were so many plays that just seemed timed right; the first touchdown, the shovel pass, and others? "We worked a lot in practice this week so for us to mess it up would have been kind of impossible."

Q: Your touchdown in the first quarter, it might have gone down as a pass because Chris threw it ahead. Did you see it opening up? "Definitely. Normally on that play Chris is reading it and they pitch to the shovel-guy. But on that look he pitched it to me and I just went and ran to the pylon."

Q: Were there any frustrations after coming up short the last two weeks? "It was definitely some tension around here. And especially the student body, because just walking around the campus they kind of started doubting us, know what I'm saying? But I think this gave them a little more confidence in us."

"This can definitely be a turning point in the season. We look at our season in thirds and we just finished the first third. So that gave us some steam and some confidence for the second third, and carry over into the third one."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR MANNY DIAZ: "Obviously I'm so proud of the way they battled. But still going into halftime we felt we could have played better. We still didn't feel we were exerting enough pressure, especially on third down in the first half. And I'll tell you one thing about this bunch, they play hard with their backs to the wall. Some of the plays we made in the red zone and to keep them out of the end zone until the end, they're starting to gain confidence. You can tell, they're starting to gain confidence. We don't always play like it but we're starting to act like a championship caliber defense."

Q: Talk about how K.J. Wright rose to the challenge tonight? "We really challenged our best players. K.J. is of the understanding that this is it, we're looking to him to be a great player. And he was. It was still a zero-margin game, a one-score game until the last three minutes. And K.J. just kept everyone going and is a great leader for our team."

Q: The defense also took advantage of some breaks, the negated touchdown, the goal line fumble? "And that's how the game goes. There are always a couple of bounces that go one way or the other, but usually when you win a close game there are bounces that go your way. But, there were some bounces that still went their way as well.

"We've had plenty of practice ruing a couple of bounces that went against us. So when the ball bounces our way we'll be more than accepting of that!"

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