"It Was Run Game Against Pass Game Tonight"

"Obviously running the ball for over 400 yards, controlling the time of possession, that was something that was important to us coming in. When you're facing a high-powered offense, keep them off the field. And I think we were able to do that."

"We gave up a lot of yards! They're an explosive offense though, and we did give up a bunch of yards. They threw 59 times, our defense did a good job of not bending, not breaking, making some big plays when we needed to make some big plays."

"I'm disappointed we hit that little bump again in the third quarter, where we went three-and-out, kind of got a little sloppy on defense, had two field goals blocked. And it's the same guy; a pretty good athlete, a big guy jumping up there, but he jumped up a lot of other times and we kicked it over him. That's on Sean (Brauchle), we had a couple of low kicks."

"It's great to win a football game, happy with the way we played and know we can make a lot of improvement. Because we're going to have to going back into SEC play next week."

Q: Can you update the injuries? "That's tough, that's part of the game. When you have to play week-in and week-out in the toughest conference in college football, you come play tough non-conference opponents, I mean that's what makes the SEC a grind. Somebody else is going to have to pick it up."

"Leon (Berry), we're hoping we have an opportunity to maybe get him back for a bowl game if we're fortunate enough to make a bowl game. We pulled J.C. (Brignone), they said he'll have a chance to play next week if we pull him at that time; they said if you put him back in he's not playing next week at all. So we took the chance to pull him to hopefully get him back next week. Chris (Relf) got hit in a rough spot, at that point I'd already seen two of our starters go down and I thought Tyler (Russell) deserves to play. So we went with him the rest of the way, Chris is fine."

Q: How did it affect both team's emotions when Houston fumbled the first punt and you tied the game? "It was a great hit and a big play. It was a huge deal, they sell it out, Kevin (Sumlin) is doing a great job with this program, and their kids have learned how to win a little bit. They believe they're going to win and they get the crowd behind them, they go down and score right away and force us to punt. It was a big, big play for us on special teams to make that."

Q: Did you make any coverage or pass rush changes after their first series? "We didn't make a lot of adjustments. When you play a no-huddle team, as fast as they go, you can't simulate that at practice. I mean you just can't. I think that first series we had to figure out and get adjusted to the speed of the game."

Q: Talk about the night Vick Ballard had, each week he seems to get better? "Three more touchdowns, 134 yards tonight, made some great runs, broke some tackles. I mean, a pretty good night. When you're rushing over 400 yards, the offensive line did a great job, our tight ends, fullbacks, Vick, all or backs; Relf with 96, Perkins with 78, all those guys did a pretty nice job running the football."

Q: Last year you had missed execution against this team, what was the difference with execution this year? "Well, here's your whole game. I'll give you the stat of the game. Ready? They had three turnovers, we had zero! Last year you flipped it. You had a different outcome tonight, too. I think we ran the ball real well against them last year, we turned the ball over and had critical mistakes."

"We had some silly penalties, eight penalties for 60 yards. That's just sloppy play the last two weeks, so I'll get that corrected at practice."

Q: Can you talk about snapping Houston's 18-game home win streak? "Yeah, that was our third game in our win streak right now, that's our third in a row! You know, that just shows t he kind of program Kevin is building here, he's doing a great job. Don't be shocked if they get on another good streak now. But you get in there and you can run, control the clock, control the game we did, and don't turn the ball over and force turnovers, that's what made the difference and really swung momentum our way."

Q: In the running game were you guys just bigger and stronger? "Look at the difference; they wanted to throw it and threw it 59 times for 356 yards. We ran it 57 times for 409. It was the run game against the pass game tonight. And one of the things we wanted to try to do was control the clock, control the ball, keep our defense off the field. They came out and ran 75 plays so we didn't get to do that too much. But our guys blocked real well up front, our backs ran real hard, and that was a full combination of everybody."

Q: You mentioned turnovers, what difference did Corey Broomfield's pick-six make just before halftime? "It was a huge play. I mean a huge play. Because we'd come down and kind of fizzle out there in the red zone and don't convert. We come back to make that play and it gave us a lot of momentum coming into halftime."

"I'm happy the way our guys finished the game out, we had a little speed-bump in the middle but they focused back in and finished the game out."

Q: Half-way through the season you are in good position for a bowl bid? "Well, we're getting close to where we want to be. I mean, 4-2 is a good start for us, at the halfway point of the season we're happy. But I'd like to win all of them! But we're back in SEC play now with a big, big game going down to Florida. That's going to be a tough challenge, a tough place to play, but I know our guys will be excited and ready to play."

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