"The Future Could Be Scary For Some People"

CENTER QUENTIN SAULSBERRY: Q: Coach Mullen told us, this was not an upset? "Oh no, it's not an upset. When you believe, when you have faith in yourself, everything will come out the way you planned it. It won't be an upset, it won't be a surprise…maybe to the people out there but to the people in the locker room it wasn't."

Q: As a team, what does a game like this say when you beat a physical team at their game? "You know, you've just got to expect to win. When you're going through practice you've got to do the right things. You've got to do the routine things right. And when you do you're going to expect to win and nothing else is going to remain in your mind."

Q: What does it say that the five offensive linemen went the whole game without a break? "We give a lot of credit to Florida, they're a real physical team and real talented team. We just knew what we had to do, we had to do our 1/11th and all five guys had to do their jobs. When you do that everybody will be successful."

Q: What was J.C. Brignone telling you on the sideline? "He was telling me keep leading, keep leading, I know you're going to have low snaps but get better as the game progresses. And I did that."

Q: Are you proud Tobias Smith was able to go the whole game? "He held up every snap. Hey, I never met a guy like that comes in and works hard and keeps pushing and working."

Q: Your snaps were maybe a little low but Chris came up with every one in your first start at center? "And you know, that's something I have to work on. Like I told everybody in the locker room, there's a lot of things we have to work on to get things better."

Q: You only threw once after the 3-and-out in the second quarter? "Coach Mullen was telling us keep pounding it, keep pounding on them. And we got a lot of thanks to Coach Balis and the strength staff for that, during the off-season that's what we try to do to get that message across to everybody. Just keep pounding, keep punching."

Q: What did you think of Chris Relf's running? "Like we said all week, when you see the hole just pound it, pound it, pound it. Give a lot of credit to him because he put the team on his back. He talked to the o-line and we communicated with him."

CORNERBACK JOHNTHAN BANKS: Q: You're good at picking off passes against Florida, aren't you? "(laughs) Coach had a good call right there, we had a good down going. K.J. Wright got up underneath him and I was on top of him so Coach made a good call. K.J. hit it and just like last year it fell into my hands. Only thing I just didn't run it back!"

Q: What did you see on the last field goal try? "I was on the field, I saw it going wide but I thought the wind was going to blow it back in. So I waited. But things happen like that when you play hard the whole game."

Q: Even though they drove into position to kick, the defense made them go a long way and use up clock? "Florida has a great football team, I won't take nothing from them. They have a great coach, a great quarterback, great receivers, and look at Trey Burton, he's a freshman. They've got player like that. They came out and gave us a fight the whole game."

"The last drive it was just (bleep) to the wall, right there! Just had to out there and execute."

Q: To win this type of road game, what sort of statement does it make? "I mean, it's hard to say! We've got a lot of young guys and we know we've got a lot of people coming back next year. and we know we have a great coaching staff, a great strength coach, so with all these young guys the future could be scary for people."

LINEBACKER CHRIS WHITE: Q: Did you think a 10-0 lead would hold up for three quarters? "We definitely did. There was no doubt in our minds."

"The second half we knew they were going to come out swinging but we had to come out swinging back."

Q: What got their offense going in the third quarter? "They put #8 (Burton) in and started running the triple option, and that's pretty much what we run and it's pretty hard to stop. When they start coming downhill that's when it gets to be a fistfight."

Q: Did you sense early on the urgency Florida felt, going for all those fourth downs? "Oh yes, I don't know if they were pressured but they wanted to win the game as bad as we did. There's no doubt about it."

Q: How much did it help having Chris Relf and the offense milk the clock? "Oh, they did a great job. They were running the ball and eating the clock up and weren't turning the ball over. They did awesome by just eating the clock up and running the ball."

Q: Were you amazed running so open in their backfield? "I wasn't amazed, but Coach Mullen could have made the sacks! I'm not going to take credit for that, they just didn't block me and I went and tackled them."

Q: What happened on Florida's fourth quarter fumble? "When that ball went on the ground I was like please get it! and K.J. Wright got it. He was on the ground and I jumped on him and said I got you K.J.!"

"We're just happy to win, ain't no doubt about it. it was a big game for us, we're 5-2 right now and just thrilled, thrilled. We've come a long way, our defense played tough and our offense just ground it out on the ground. I mean, they didn't put up 50 points or nothing but they just grind it out and kept running the ball and didn't turn the ball over. So it was a team win. The special teams did great, just an overall team win."

LINEBACKER K.J. WRIGHT: Q: Talk about that fumble Chris was telling us about? "That fumble caused a big turnaround for us, we knew we had to create some turnovers and when we had the opportunity we made it."

Q: How much of a change was it when Trey Burton began running the ball? "When he came in that's when their offense started moving. We practiced that all week and he did a real good job in leading his offense. But towards the end we started figuring out what they were doing and were able to stop it."

Q: The defense did stop Florida, but the offense ate up a lot of time, too? "Yeah, I know they did. They had a lot of rushing yards and just kept milking that clock. And that was something we knew coming into the game we had to do, to keep Florida's offense off the field. We did and I'm real proud of the offense."

"I was happy with Coach Diaz, he called the right stuff at the right time as you saw. And this defense is made for situations like that towards the end of the game. We had to go out there in two minute drill and make a stop."

Q: The stop before halftime was almost as big as the last one? "The fourth down, yeah, that was real big for us because if they had kept going they'd probably got a field goal and it would probably have changed the whole game around."

Q: You had a big pass break-up on the last drive? "Yeah, towards the fourth quarter coaches told us put your hands up, the ball is coming out low so put your hands up and bat some balls down and help out the secondary."

Q: How did you celebrate? "Actually I was laying on the ground because it was field goal, I just had my hands in the air because I was so happy that we got that win."

Q: You were part of the 2007 team that had some big team-changing wins, where does this one compare? "Oh, this is real big time. We haven't beat Florida in a long time and to come in and get this win is a big momentum shift for our season."

QUARTERBACK CHRIS RELF: Q: You only had to throw once in the second half? "Yeah, I think the run game was going pretty good!" "Florida had a great team, a good defense, but I think we executed well and our defense played good the whole night."

Q: Were you proud to be able to come out on top of a physical type game? "You know, we worked hard at practice all week. And that comes from working hard back in the summer.

Q: So this game was won back in June and July? "Yeah, I'd say that!"

Q: What did you see after getting a lead that said ‘pound it'? "I think Coach just wanted to pound the ball, pound the ball, try to get two first downs in a drive. And that's what we did."

"It was a lot of hard running. You have to give it to the guys up front, our offensive line played real hard."

Q: What happened when you went out of the game? "Oh, I was alright. He got me under the chin with a head shot. I wasn't loopy, I was ready to come back in."

Q: So you can enjoy this one over night but it's back to work tomorrow? "Oh yeah, it builds our confidence a lot. We're trying to go 7-2 before the bye week."

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