"They Made Plays, But We Made Plays Too"

CORNERBACK COREY BROOMFIELD: Q: Did you enjoy the challenge of matching up with Randall Cobb? "Oh yeah, I loved it! I'll say when we were together head to head I won the head-up, but he probably won overall because he had, what, 170 yards? He had a lot more than I expected, but he's a great player."

"Coach (Manny) Diaz does a great job of matching up and felt I was able to cover Cobb, and I felt I did a pretty good job. It's great when the coaches have confidence in you to guard such a great player."

"Towards the end of the game we finally got a little grasp on it and managed to pull it out."

Q: Their quarterback had just four picks coming in, you intercepted him three times? "We watched film and saw we had a lot of opportunities. A lot of times guys dropped balls or weren't breaking on the ball; tonight we were able to be in the right position."

Q: Was it coincidence Johnthan Banks ends up with the last interception? "If the ball is around Banks, he's long with great ball skills, he's going to come down with it. We had great pressure and he just played it great."

Q: But on that interception you and Chris White were blitzing Hartline? "Exactly. We all worked together, that's how the defense works. Coach Diaz emphasizes that day in and day out."

Q: What makes Cobb so hard to cover? "He's always in different places so you have to find out where he's at first. Then once you get there, you have to get the call and got to know your leverages and all that other stuff."

Q: Kentucky burned the safety blitz early; how did you adjust to it? "We just realized that it was ‘find 18.' We don't care about where he's supposed to be, go get 18."

SAFETY NICKOE WHITLEY: Q: Talk about picking off the end zone pass in the first half? "I saw it, the quarterback was staring at him the whole time so I pretty much knew it was going to come my way. I had to get over there quick though, it was coming down fast, but I got over there and got my hands on it."

Q: Kentucky caught you in a safety blitz in the first half, but never beat it again? "After the first time they ran that play we kind of recognized it every time they got ready to run it again. And they checked-out of it like two or three times."

Q: Nine games into the year, you are on the field 85 snaps, but still have the gas to get it done at the end? "We have to give thanks to Coach (Matt) Balis, our strength coach. He got us pretty prepared for that."

Q: Did you have any doubt you would keep them out of the end zone at the end? "No. we knew the play was coming, we just didn't know when. It came at the right time."

"We knew they were going to throw punches, we just had to punch back. And believe we were going to win."

Q: What is the feeling around campus these days? "We're getting a lot of love around campus and everybody is happy right now. We just have to keep them happy, and keep working hard."

"I think we kind of need a little break, but it really doesn't matter. We keep going and keep going, but the break is going to be good, and give us extra time to work on the Alabama game."

QUARTERBACK CHRIS RELF: Q: How comfortable was the offense in the fourth quarter? "Oh, we were very comfortable. The defense played real good tonight, they made some big stops. I don't think we executed that well on offense but I think we made some big plays in order to win the game."

"It felt real good. Coach said we had to make a big play, I just went out there and made a big play. The offensive line blocked real well and Chad (Bumphis) came up with the big catch. And we just executed. I saw Chad on the bender and read it two-high on the vertical and just hit Chad."

"We worked all week on play-action, we knew we wanted to take some shots this week."

"Everybody on the team believed in me, I just believe in myself that I'm going to go out there and just execute."

Q: Was your touchdown run a read or a called play? "It just was called."

Q: You hit your first five passes, did you feel you were in a groove? "I was very comfortable out there, it's just something I have to work on more, the passing game."

Q: On the play-fake pass it seemed you and Arceto Clark were on the same page? "We were very comfortable. He's very talented guy and knows how to get open, and I just read it right."

"I feel a whole lot better about my reads, it's something I worked on the whole summer throwing three times a week with the wide receivers. I feel very confident out there when I'm playing."

Q: That spin move on the safety, do you remember it? "I remember it! That's just something I've been working on in practice, just trying to make moves. I don't get hit in practice, so…!"

Q: You've taken a lot of hits the last four games, what hurts on you? "Oh, I'm OK. Last week I was a little sore but this week Coach laid off us a little bit and it helped us out a lot."

Q; Would you rather have a break or keep the win streak going? "I welcome the break. It's fun right now, we expect to win and that's what we're doing right now."

LINEBACKER CHRIS WHITE: Q: Talk about holding on the last Kentucky drive? "They were moving he ball but we didn't break. We didn't let them in the end zone and that's all that matters."

Q: On the fourth-down you were lined up far outside and had a clear lane? "Yeah, the back didn't block me and I just kept running and he threw it away and (Johnthan) Banks picked it."

Q: The defense was out there 85 snaps, where did you get the gas to make that last stand? "Oh, we just had to. This is what we've worked for all season. And it doesn't matter if we play a hundred snaps, we've still got to go hard."

Q: Hartline had four picks coming in and your defense got three? "Well, the one time he threw it to me that was easy. Nickoe (Whitley) made a good play. And Emmanuel Gatling made the pick, I didn't really see the call but everybody was unhappy about it"

Q: How tough is it to contain a Randall Cobb? "He's a good ballplayer, no doubt about it. Coach (Manny) Diaz said that's their number-one person. He got that one touchdown, that's all he got."

Q: You were able to bring pressure most of the second half? "Coach Diaz talked all week about being able to get pressure with the d-line, and they definitely did that."

PUNTER HEATH HUTCHINS: Q: You had the big kicks again, just like Florida? "It was kind of the same situation, Randall Cobb is a big-time return guy and I knew I had to hit it good. And I knew that we didn't want him returning it anywhere. So we really focused on hitting it outside the numbers and I did exactly what we wanted to do."

Q: How well did your coverage team support those punts? "They did real well. I mean, we didn't do anything tricky that we haven't done before. There were a couple of times that stick out, it seemed Maurice Langston being one of the main guys in their faces. I was hoping we'd come up with one of those muffed punts. I don't know how many of those we have on the year but on TV I don't hardly ever see another team do it; and every other game or so we get a muffed punt and jump on it!"

Q: On the next-to-last punt it looked like you could pull it down and run for first down? "Yeah, that was kind of a fight-or-flight type thing. I could have run it; there was a guy coming off the back side, I don't know the number, all I remember is dreads (hair) going everywhere. I didn't know where the #### he was but I knew he was behind me; and I knew I run like a five-flat and he looked like he ran a 4.3. So I was kicking it!"

Q: You were able to blank-out the shank you had earlier and hit the next one good? "I don't know, I just didn't think about it. I hit the bad one and came back with like a 50-something yarder from almost the exact same spot. Some people are like ####, we don't want to punt any more; I know that's how it used to be here as a fan. But I'm glad I recovered and had a decent night. There's still a lot of yards I left out there."

TAILBACK VICK BALLARD: Q: How did your ankle feel tonight? "It was OK. Being out there for my team and being able to make plays gave me a rush."

Q: What was being said on that last touchdown drive? "We knew we just had to make a play. The game was tied and somebody had to make a play. We ended up making a few plays that put them away."

Q: Were you surprised your touchdown broke so clean, only one man touched you? "The line did a good job blocking. Like I always say, when everybody blocks I've got the easy part!"

Q: How calm did Chris Relf keep you on the last drive. "Chris is a pretty calm guy, know what I'm saying? He doesn't get too rah-rah. And we just knew we had to make plays and ended up doing that."

Q: Did having last week off make you feel fresh for this game? "Oh, most definitely. It felt like it was the first one. My ankle felt good."

Q: Did you see anything on their defense you felt you could exploit? "Not really. We didn't watch a whole lot of film, we just played. Our scout team did their scheme during practice, we didn't really watch film much. We just came out and executed."

"Them knowing we were going to run the ball makes it hard on us. But all we had to do is execute and we're going to make plays. They're a pretty good team and they made plays, but we made plays too."

Q: How does it feel having six straight wins going into the bye week? "It feels great. Coming into the season I didn't know what to expect, but we're doing pretty good. 7-2, that's pretty good. I think the break will be good for us because there's a couple of people banged-up. The bye-week will give them time to recuperate and come back for Alabama."

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