A Q&A With Associate A.D. Mike Richey

In a Thursday (November 4th) morning interview Mike Richey, Mississippi State Associate Athletic Director in charge of the Bulldog Club and Ticket Operations, talks about post-season bowl tickets.

How can Mississippi State fans purchase post-season bowl tickets?
"There are two ways you can purchase them. You can do it online through out website, msstateathletics.com, if you are a season ticket holder or Bulldog Club member. We also have sent season ticket holders and Bulldog Club members a paper form that allows them to pre-order for any of the games that we might be invited to. A third option is calling the ticket office."

Does Mississippi State have a certain allotment of tickets for the bowl?
"Each bowl has a different allotment that they provide to the competing teams. But it's generally in the 16,000 to 17,500 range for the minimum allotment that we receive. Then, depending on which bowl game we will go to, we might be able to get more than that. But we know for sure what the minimum numbers are for each of the bowl games. That's one of the reasons we wanted to get the pre-order information out. If we meet those numbers by the end of the season or by the December 1st deadline, then we will know we have sold out of our allotment and we will need to try to get more tickets or find other ways for our fans to purchase tickets."

Does Mississippi State get credit if MSU fans purchase directly from Mississippi State?
"No, we don't really get credit."

It at least shows the bowl how many MSU folks purchased tickets?
"Yes, it shows that. And we have a history of selling a lot of bowl tickets. When we went to the Liberty Bowl in 2007 we sold almost 30,000 tickets. We had our allotment and then Central Florida decided they weren't going to need all of their tickets so we were able to get some from them and the Liberty Bowl released some, too. We just kept selling and selling. So, we have a history of being able to move a lot of tickets and travel really well to bowl games. That means a lot to the bowl game reps when they make their selection."

How many tickets have you sold so far?
"We are over 3,000 the last time I checked. We had a decent response after the UAB game, then after the Kentucky game things really picked up. Picking up that seventh win showed our people that we have an opportunity to be in an exciting bowl against a great opponent."

Do you have to quit selling tickets when you get to the 16,000 to 17,500 range?
"No, we will continue selling tickets and hope when we find out which bowl we are going to we will be able to get more than the minimum allotment. It's been awhile since we have been to some of the bowls. Obviously, with a bowl like the Cotton Bowl being in Cowboy Stadium, which is a bigger venue, we would hope to be able to get more tickets there. With the Chick-fil-A Bowl being in the Georgia Dome, another large venue, and the Music City Bowl being in a large venue, those bowls can hold a lot of people. Depending on their corporate tie-ins and the number of tickets they sell in their local community, hopefully we will be able to get our hands on more tickets. We just will not know until we get to that point."

How will the seating in the stadium be determined? I believe you mentioned in a prior interview seating will be determined by your Bulldog Club priority.
"We do it the same way we do our seats here at home. We will start at the top of the list with the people with the highest rank and work down that list. That is why it is important for folks to get their order in by that December 1st deadline. If we do get in the situation where we have sold our entire allotment and aren't able to sell anymore, then you want to have your order in prior to that December 1st deadline."

Is there anything else we may not have covered in the questions that I have asked?
"We freeze our Bulldog Club points at certain times during the year. We will freeze them again on November 15th for bowl game priority. If you have a pledge that is outstanding or you want to make an additional Bulldog Club gift, then you need to do that prior to November 15th. While a pledge generates points in the Bulldog Club system, a paid pledge generates more points."

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