[Premium Article] Coach Sherrill talked about things he saw during Saturday's scrimmage."> [Premium Article] Coach Sherrill talked about things he saw during Saturday's scrimmage.">

Coach Sherrill Talked About Saturday's Scrimmage

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/coaches/football/sherrill.jpg" align="left" width="121" height="160"> [Premium Article] Coach Sherrill talked about things he saw during Saturday's scrimmage.

"I liked the consistency of the guys hustling and trying to make plays.

"It is very evident that the continuity of the offensive linemen wasn't there. That is because of not having some guys out there (due to injuries). What hurt us was (Richard) Burch not being out there and losing (James) Redmond (to an injury). Redmond has made a tremendous amount of progress. It is a good thing that he doesn't have an ACL, but has an MCL injury. He won't be back out this spring, but he doesn't have to be operated on." (Burch is playing in non-contact drills while Redmond is out for the spring. Other offensive linemen playing hurt are Johnny Wadley (knee), Chris McNeil (tendinitis) and David Stewart (knee). Michael Evans is rehabing from shoulder surgery.-Gene)

"Richard (Burch) (who is recovering from an injury) is going to be fine. We want him to get all the work and then bring him out. We don't want him to scrimmage until we see him being able to do everything. Will he be well in the fall? Yes.

"We are going to look at Chris (McNeil) at center a little bit, but (Manuel) Dickson has really come on at center, so we feel like that is going to be a plus for us." (I believe Coach Sherrill was referring to finding a backup for starting center Blake Jones.-Gene)

"The running backs, if we get the blocking up front, can be really good." (MSU used Nick Turner, Jerious Norwood and Fred Reid at running back during the scrimmage.-Gene)

"We have to work hard to find a tight end that is really consistent in doing what we ask him to do." (As of now, Aaron Lumpkin is the starting tight end.-Gene)

"I think that Ray Ray (thumb injury) not being out here has hurt us, but the other receivers have done a good job." (Ray Ray has a cast on his thumb. I'm not sure if he will be able to come back out for practice this spring.-Gene)

"I wasn't very pleased with our punters. Our field goal kickers kicked well today. I probably had them back a little too far back kicking a 62-yarder but I thought that we could do that with the wind behind us." (I believe the only players that kicked field goals yesterday were Marlin and Andrews. I assume Coach Sherrill is trying to find a backup for starting kicker Brent Smith.-Gene)

"The good thing is we can watch film from today and know who the players are and get the right ones out there.

"I think the first group of linebackers are playing very, very well." (The first group consists of Jason Clark, T. J. Mawhinney and Marvin Byrdsong.-Gene)

"(Kevin Fant) threw the ball well today. There were a couple of times we didn't catch it well for him. He is trying to put everything together. The problem that he has is he is also trying to tell everybody else what to do. (He is referring to everybody having to learn a new offensive system.-Gene)

"Kevin (Fant) is playing through a lot of pain. He is not well. He is a kid that will never tell you that he is hurt." (Not sure what his injury is, although I believe it may have to do with either his leg or ankle.-Gene)

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