"We Turn Our Attention To Next Week"

"Obviously, a very disappointing loss for us. I put that one on our coaches, we have to do a much better job of making sure we're focused, making sure we're making t he plays that we need to make. When you look at the little things—tackling in the open field, giving up big plays--that's coaching. Red zone turnovers, we turn the ball over twice I think in the red zone tonight, that's coaching."

"We have to get that stuff fixed, and there's a lot of areas we're going to get that changed. And we're going to get back to work, obviously we've got a big game next week, and get re-focused and get back on the winning track."

Q: What was Chad Bumphis injury? "Chad was in the game on the last play, he got dinged up but was good enough to be in on the last play. So we think he'll be fine."

Q: Talk about the momentum change in the fourth quarter, when Arkansas struck immediately after a turnover? "It is, we were driving with the lead, we turned the ball over in the red zone and turn around and give up a 80-something yard touchdown. You can't do those things and win championship level games."

"You're talking about two top-twenty teams playing on the field tonight, going back-and-forth in a great-played game. And we turn the ball over twice in the red zone in the fourth quarter and beyond. That's not winning football. So we've got to make sure we're coaching, and make sure that stuff doesn't happen."

Q: What did you see on Vick Ballard's run in the first overtime? "I asked the guy right there, he said he fumbled and the ball was out and it definitely crossed the (goal line). That was confirmed by replay so they did a great job calling that. You know, we had it, we missed a block in the perimeter or he would have walked in. The guy that makes the tackle, we missed a block on him over there. Again that's stuff we've got to get fixed as coaches to make sure that doesn't happen."

Q: Did the last play of overtime typify what Arkansas did defensively? "Well, the breakdown on that play was we snap the ball, Chris (Relf) was trying to dummy-cadence to see what the pressure was going to be and what the look was. And we snap the ball; the left tackle heard the dummy-cadence and didn't get off the ball and didn't block anybody."

"That's coaching, though. We're coming off a timeout and its all on me to make sure that doesn't happen. That's not on any of the players. That's our guys trying to do some good things on the field and that's 100% on me not getting it coached-up correctly."

Q: Talk about the game Chris Smith had, is he coming into his own? "I don't know if he's coming into his own, but he did a nice job. I mean, we're playing with all these young receivers are very inexperienced and they continue to make these plays. We need them to continue to make plays and continue to grow if we're going to be successful. They're starting to do that."

Q: What did you see out of Ballard rushing tonight? "The same thing we've seen, a hard-nosed player, a hard-nosed runner, that's the same thing we've seen out of him all year long. He's a workhorse and he carried it 33 times tonight, that's a pretty good night's work and he'll probably be pretty sore tomorrow. But he's really developing into that workhorse back for us and he had a good night tonight."

Q: Talk about the attitude after forcing the turnover in the fourth quarter? "It was a tremendous atmosphere tonight, a tremendous atmosphere. We got the ball back with no timeouts left, we did a nice job of putting it into field goal range, trying to make plays and get the ball to our playmakers. We called some runs and mixed it up with some passes, Bump(his) was kind of dinged-up so we were a little worried in the passing game there. But we were able to run the ball and get it down. It would have been great to just knock that one into the end zone and get the win in regulation right there. But their defense held and we had to get the field goal team on the field, and our field goal team did a nice job of executing that."

Q: Talk about the job Relf did passing, particularly his downfield passing in the first half? "Yeah, Chris had a good night managing the game. He did a good job at the end trying to see if they were blitzing or not, he was trying to use his cadence to see if they were blitzing or not. That's on me not getting him prepared to do that at that moment. But for Chris going 20-of-30, 224 yards, we spread the ball around to some different guys…I mean, coming into the game, Chris Relf is going to complete more passes than ryan Mallett? So he did a nice job managing."

Q: How do you turn it around quickly for the next game? "Well, obviously we'd better get some sleep tonight and get some rest, try to get healthy. And certainly we'd better turn our attention to next week when they show up in the building tomorrow for 1:00 treatments. This is a game we look forward to all year long and this is our biggest game of the season."

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