"We Didn't Get It Back, We Kept It!"

QUARTERBACK CHRIS RELF: "It feels good. We want the Egg Bowl always at Mississippi State, we've been waiting for this game all year and just came out and played hard."

Q: That long rush in the second quarter, was it a call at the line or a read? "It was a read all the way. I read the back-side defense and he came up, I just pulled the ball. It was the play but I just read the defensive end. I thought I was going to make it all the way!"

Q: You didn't run as often as usual? "It was kind of the gameplan, they didn't want me running the ball. I kind of tweaked a hamstring a little bit so they stopped running me."

Q: You've been saying you get better as a passer each game, did you feel you put it all together today? "I felt like I made a lot of good throws, but I felt I could have done a whole lot better. I think I just went out there and executed."

Q: Talk about the long completion to Bumphis? "I saw Chad across the middle and I just laid the ball out there. He made a heck of a catch."

Q: Was that the same throw that you missed earlier? "Yeah, it was the same play."

"I'm just always confident, I work with the wide receivers in the summer throwing and throwing. In practice we've really just been running a lot, I think coach just wanted to see me pass!"

Q: Coach said the key was getting to their second level of defense, is that why the delayed throws worked so well? "Yeah, the screen was a real good play for us, we busted them a lot of times on the screen. Perk caught the ball and he's a talented guy with a lot of speed. He just executed."

Q: The screen really worked to change the game just before halftime? "It was great, we ran the screen and Perk just took it all the way."

Q: After you had your touchdown run called back, it didn't seem to bother anyone because you came right back with Ballard scoring? "Nah, it didn't phase me. We were just trying to make plays in order to win."

Q: Last year you won the Egg Bowl with your feet, this year it was your arm. Is that a sign of becoming a complete quarterback? "Yes, I think I'm a complete quarterback now."

Q: Was this your best game at State? "No, I think I played my best game against Arkansas even though we didn't win. I played pretty good then."

Q: What are your emotions about coming to Oxford and winning? "Oh, it feels good. We had a good season to finish 8-4, and we're going to try to win the bowl game."

"Nobody expected us to go 8-4, but we expected more than that. But I think the season went pretty good. It feels good going bowling, last year we sat out and I was hurting to my stomach. This year it feels good to go bowling."

CORNERBACK COREY BROOMFIELD: Q: Was it hard for the secondary to be aggressive but not too aggressive? "Exactly. Because when Masoli rolls out it's real stressful to dbs. You want to come up, you want to stay back! But you just have to be sound and disciplined and find the man in your zone and latch on to him."

Q: Did the defense want to be on the field that last series? "Oh, no doubt! No doubt! That's a db's dream, them throwing the ball and you're out there. There's nothing more you want than that."

Q: You had one interception, then had another for the making? "Yeah, the second one I couldn't believe he threw it. I dropped into zone and he kind of looked at me and he threw it, and kind of threw me off!"

Q: Coach Diaz said John Banks is the Florida killer and you're the Ole Miss killer? "If that's what he wants to call it, it makes Coach Diaz the giant killer! Because he's the one calling all the plays!"

Q: You've tried hard to tackle guys, then on the last play you get a hand on the man's legs and get him down? "Yeah, I just wanted to be patient, and I think he was past the line of scrimmage so I let him do whatever he needed to do. And then just closed the deal, got his legs, because you can't run without your legs."

"They put me in position to make a play, and I just made it."

"The last time we came up here it was 45-0, and to send our seniors out with a victory up here feels great."

TAILBACK LaDARIUS PERKINS: Q: You haven't been a big factor for a few weeks, and tonight you just explode? "I mean, you just have to be patient. I know my time will come, when it's time to make plays. So I just got to be patient. I'm not mad about anything, you just have to be patient."

Q: Is this the first game you felt like you were getting plays in open space? "This game, yeah. It showed what I can do in open space so it was a pretty big game for me."

"I just tried to step up, I'm a young guy and I just tried to help my team win the big rival game."

Q: At what point did you realize you would get a lot of touches? "I felt I had to step up at the beginning of the game because Vick (Ballard) started hurting a little bit. So I had to step up and do my part."

Q: Describe your touchdowns in the first half? "The first one was like a leak-out, to the opposite side of the field and the boundary. It's more like a wheel play, I have to hide myself behind the tackle and just sneak out. The linebacker was still there but Chris made a good throw and I made a good catch."

"The second one was a screen play, and all I had to do was just run!"

Q: Why was the screen working so much? "Because of the way we sell it. And when you come with a good screen good things should happen. I had to turn it on , it was a real big gain."

Q: Talk about Chris Relf's night? "Oh, Chris had a good game, a real good game. He made a lot of passes tonight, he was on the money. And he made a long run tonight, he showed his feet. And the way we executed everything it went pretty well. And we came out with a victory."

Q: How much did Chris pulling the ball down and making the 71-yard run spark the offense? "It got us real hyped, it helped us out a lot. I don't remember what down it was but he got a long run and got us down in the red zone."

OFFENSIVE GUARD QUENTIN SAULSBERRY: Q: What happened on that Ole Miss penalty play before halftime? "Ahh, things happen during the course of the game! You just keep going."

Q: He pulled your helmet off, basically! "Yeah, my helmet came off plenty of times and you can see I've got a fat lip! But that's the name of the game, it's a fight, it's physical."

Q: But did you see momentum changing on that play since State came right back with a touchdown? "During the course of the game we saw a lot of momentum changes. We had momentum going, then they got some, too. But at the end of the game we had to execute more than they did."

Q: Ole Miss was determined to stop the running game, but you were able to do some things to make it work? "Give credit to those guys on the Ole Miss front four, they did a heck of a job. But we knew we had to execute and we had to bow-up. Coach (John) Hevesy told us we had to put it on our backs, and we did."

Q: Were you surprised LaDarius Perkins had that game? "Nah, I wasn't surprised, we knew he had that kind of game in him. He's an explosive player and we know what he can do in open space."

Q: How does it feel to have the Golden Egg back? "It feels real good. I mean, we didn't get it back, we just kept it!"

LINEBACKER CHRIS WHITE: Q: Talk about how the defense constantly adjusted its look? "Like Coach Diaz said, we kind of had Masoli's timing off and that is the big thing about quarterbacks. And you just have to get to them. I felt we got pretty good pressure tonight."

Q: Several times it looked like he just wanted to avoid getting hit? "Yeah, Coach Diaz preached all week how Masoli wasn't going to take a lot of sacks, he was going to get the ball out quick and scramble around. That's what he did. We knew we weren't going to sack him a lot, we just had to get as much pressure as we could."

Q: Talk about the last possession by their offense? "That's kind of been our motto all season, the defense making a stop at the end. And that's what we did tonight."

Q: Did y'all want to be on the field then? "I wouldn't say we wanted to, but we had to! And we knew we could come up with a big stop."

Q: What is it about this defense's mentality of just firing off at the ball? "Oh, that's all coach preaches, about playing hard and never quitting, and if they get in the red zone don't let them in. We let that happen a couple of times and we just have to improve on that."

"Two years at Mississippi State, you go 8-4 and that's a pretty good achievement for a second year head coach. He's just doing a great job and I only see things improving in the future."

Q: Talk about being up for the Conerly Trophy, what is your feeling on this? "Just let sportswriters vote on whoever they want to vote on and let it go from there."

CENTER J.C. BRIGNONE: Q: Was Ole Miss stacking the box to keep State out of the usual offensive tempo? "I think so, they were pretty down-packed on trying to stop us on the run and stop us inside, which not a lot of people have done this year or the last two years. I think they did a great job on that, but it opened us up on a couple of other things."

Q: Did this show you could adapt, going from power running to more speed plays? "It's a game, a game of hit or miss. If you can't hit with you normal stuff then you have to change it up a little bit. That's what we did, we got them going outside and kind of gapping-up; then we'd go back to hitting them inside. Once they started gapping it back, we'd go back outside."

Q: Strange as it may sound, did their missing the PAT early make any emotional difference in the game? "I think it really did. Even at the end we knew if they scored again, or if they got the ball, they would have to go for a two or something like that."

Q: Is it any better winning on their field than winning at home? "No, it's beating the team up north. You can't beat that!"

Q: You leave with three wins in Egg Bowls? "3-1, it's a great feeling. I'll brag for probably the next 363 days, because tomorrow I'm going to relax with my family and just kind of take it in. I'm giving all credit to those guys on Ole Miss' team because they were a hell of a ballplayers. But it was definitely us that came out and overcame it and just fought and did what we needed to do."

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