A Q&A With MSU Commit C.J. Johnson

Mississippi State linebacker commitment C.J. Johnson, who, along with nine other MSU commitments, is on the Mississippi high school all-star team that will play the Alabama high school all-star team in Mobile, Alabama this coming Saturday, talks about what he has seen from his future teammates as well as his thoughts about the Mississippi team overall.

You have nine future college teammates with you at these practices. What's it like to be around them?
C.J. Johnson - "It kind of feels like we are all at Mississippi State. We had a real good day of practice. Everybody knows everybody else. It felt kind of good to have most of the guys who are committed on the starting defense. "

I know you were probably impressed with all the commitments but were there some that you didn't know much about that surprised you with how good they were?
"(Madison Central High School DB) Joe Price, I didn't even know he was that quick. and (South Panola High School WR) Nick (Brassell) is real, real fast. (South Panola High School DB) Kendrick (Market) is real tough on defense. He was a little bit quicker than I thought he was."

I know you are on the defensive side and see the defensive players more, but were there any offensive guys that caught you eye among the Mississippi State commitments?
"(Ocean Springs High School WR) Joe (Morrow) made a couple of good catches. And (Wilkinson County High School WR) Devin (Fosselman) made a lot of catches."

After seeing this Mississippi team in practice, how good do you think it can be?
"Oh man, on defense we are very fast and big up front. They are going to have a hard time blocking us at the second level. If the linebackers make tackles then I think it could get pretty ugly."

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