A Q&A With MS All-Star Joe Morrow

Team Mississippi All-Star wide receiver Joe Morrow, a Mississippi State commitment, provides his impressions of each of the Mississippi State defensive back commitments that he has gone against during the Team Mississippi practices this week.

You have gone against all the Mississippi State defensive back commitments in the Mississippi team practices this week. How about talking about what has impressed you about each. Start with Jermaine Whitehead.
"I like the way he plays the ball. He can break on the ball real good. And his speed, he has great speed and just great cover skills. He can pretty much jump with anyone in the endzone. He's a really good addition to the roster."

Did it surprise you have good he is?
"No, I knew he was good. We had talked a little bit before we met. And I have watched some of his highlight tapes, so I knew he was good."

You don't normally see DBs as talented as him in high school. How has he helped you as a wide receiver?
"No, I see different talents from different DBs. By far, he is the best one I have faced because he knows how to play me, has good jamming skills. So, he's making me better as we go along."

What are your thoughts about Kendrick Market?
"I first met him when we got out here. We did the one-on-ones and he lined up on me most of the time. He and I went at it. He was giving him some and I was giving him a little bit. He's strong to be little (laugh). He was holding me up on the line."

Did you think when you first saw him and saw how little he was he was going to be easy to go up against?
"Yeah, me lining up against him I thought this was going to be a touchdown. Once we went up for the ball and I had it in my hands and brought it down his hand came down and he just took it from me.. He's a real strong dude and he has excellent ball-breaking skills."

What about Justin Cox? He's just now learning to be a DB since he's mostly been on the offensive side of the ball.
"Like myself and Jermaine we had talked before we had met. He's a fun person to be around but out here on the practice field he's all business."

Did it surprised you have athletic Justin is?
"Looking at him it looks like he's not that quick or fast but on the field he is. I think he told me he ran a 4.4 to 4.3. I was shocked to hear that but he's a real good athlete like Jermaine and Kendrick."

What about Dee Arrington? He's a really quiet guy but he does it on the field.
"In the dorm rooms we never see him because he's always in his room either on the phone or sleeping. But at lunch we try to get him to talk. Out here, he really doesn't talk much unless you talk to him first. I try to get in his head a little bit but it wasn't working. He's a big, strong safety."

Overall, these four guys could be the secondary you go against in practice during the next four years while you are playing for Mississippi State. What is your overall impressions about them as a group?
"That is going to be a hard secondary to pass on, a lot of speed, a lot of good athletes with good jumping ability. Hopefully, I will get better and be ready for them when I come to State."

How do you think you have done overall during the practices here in Mobile, Alabama?
"I think I have done real good. One thing I would like to work on is trying to keep my hands warm so I can catch the ball. It's kind of cold out here."

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