A Q&A With MS All-Star Jermaine Whitehead

Team Mississippi All-Star defensive back Jermaine Whitehead, a Mississippi State commitment, gives his impressions of each of the Mississippi State wide receiver commitments that he has gone against during the Team Mississippi practices.

You've gone against each of the Mississippi State wide receiver commitments who are on the Mississippi all-star team. What are your impressions of each one? Start with Joe Morrow. What has impressed you about him?
"He is big, physical, fast and can go up and catch the ball. He has great hands, great ball skills, runs clean routes. He's just a great all-around receiver."

How has he helped you as a DB?
"You have to watch him the whole time in man coverage. I've learned to read his hips more and stay on my back pedal. He's just making me an all-around better DB."

Talk about Nickolas Brassell. What has impressed you about him?
"Nick is silky smooth. He runs well, catches well, and off the line he is a beast. Just going up against him is a scare almost but I come to play every day. He is making me way better."

I did a video of him and you where you ran in front of him and intercepted the ball and then turn around and said something to him. What was said between you two after that interception?
"(Laugh) Yeah, we have that one-on-one kind of deal where if I beat him I am going to talk noise and if he beats me he's going to talk noise. He got me twice today so I own him one."

He has the attitude of a DB doesn't he?
"Yes sir, yes sir, definitely, definitely."

Devin Fosselman, what has impressed you about him?
"I think he probably has the best hands. He runs great routes. He's moving good. He's just making himself known. Everyday in the locker room they say number 6 can fly, number 6 can play. I think he is playing with something to prove."

Playing wide receivers like those, how have they improved you as a defensive back?
"They are just making me a better person. The talent that I see (from them) is just making me play better, making me play every play. At my school I get to slack off every now and then, but I have to play every play now. These guys make it hard for you because they are trying to go play big-time ball and I'm trying to go play big-time ball, so we are trying to get the best from each other."

I have a picture of you where you are jumping up really, really high. What is your vertical leap?
"My vertical is 38."

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