Redmond Returns from Official Trip

Nick Redmond is on record as the earliest verbal pledge for the signing class of 2011 for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. While official records are not kept, Redmond has to be one of the earliest commitments in the history of the program. The talented offensive lineman has been committed to Coach Mullen and his staff for just over a year. With January enrollment looming, Nick visited Starkville.

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"My visit was good," said Redmond. "Cameron Lawrence was my host. He's pretty cool. He's laid back."

Redmond reports that he spent a lot of time just going through the regular routine of a Mississippi State player.

"Finals were over and a lot of people had gone home for Christmas," said Nick. "We spent a lot of time just hanging out at Cameron's.

"I got to meet a lot of the players and it was real laid back. I enjoyed it.

"We ate real good while we were there. The food was amazing."

In addition to getting to share some down time with the current Mississippi State players, he got to see the team in action as they prepare for a date with Michigan in the Gator Bowl.

"Watching practice was one of the best parts," said Nick. "They are moving around and they are fast paced with everything. The practices are well structured.

"Coach Hevesey seems to really know what is talking about. He looks to be a real good coach."

A return visitor to Starkville, Redmond was familiar with the lay of the land and the Bulldog football facilities.

"I had done everything before, but we toured everything again," said Nick. "I had seen it all before, but I think the Templeton Center or the dorms were the best things."

Before leaving for home, Redmond and his mother were able to visit with the Bulldogs' head man, Coach Dan Mullen.

"Coach Mullen talked with my mom about me and just answered her questions," said Nick. "We talked for a while and he just kind of told me what to expect.

"I got back on January 4th and they told me we'd probably hate Coach Balis the first three months we were up there.

"He said we have to get in shape for spring practice and get ready to play football."

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