Tuesday MSU Football Practice Bones

Check out who did well, among the young guys, during the Tuesday Mississippi State football bowl practice.

1) As David Murray has already written on the premium forum freshman quarterback Dylan Favre, who, along with Tyler Russell, was running with the 1st and 2nd team offenses during the practice-ending scrimmage, ran a naked bootleg then high-stepped it into the endzone for a touchdown. Then, when he got to the endzone, he dove in. I think he basically had to dive in since his high stepping actually allowed a defender to get decently close to him. I think he miscalculated how quickly he was going to get into the endzone.

2) Dylan, as David also said, ran around the end and when another freshman, cornerback Jay Hughes, was coming up toward him, he lowered his shoulder and put it directly into Hughes. The hit knocked Hughes down while Favre stayed up. The offensive players all ran up to Dylan whooping and hollering.

3) But the hit of the day doesn't go to Dylan. It has to go to the combination hit against each other by freshman linebacker Christian Holmes and sophomore safety Nickoe Whitley in a kickoff drill. You guys might have heard the hit yourselves. Holmes was a defender while Whitley was running down to make the tackle. Both players were going full-speed and hit each other like two locomotives colliding. Holmes stayed on the ground for two or three minutes while being attended to. Once he got up, I saw him go over to Whitley on the sidelines and ask him if he was ok. Both smiled when he said that.

4) Going back to the scrimmage, there were 11 series with the 1st unit going 5 times and the 2nd unit 6 times. Very, very few of the 1st team players didn't participate in the scrimmage.

5) Of the 11 series, the offense scored six times. Freshman RB Nick Griffin scored once on a run while Favre scored 3 rushing TDs and threw for two others. The passing TDs were scored by Ricco Sanders and Sylvester Hemphill.

6) Nick Griffin was impressive with four good runs during the scrimmage.

7) Wide receivers Arceto Clark and Ricco Sanders both had a couple of nice catches during the scrimmage.

8) Of the defenders, several had solid one-on-one tackles including redshirt freshman linebacker Deontae Skinner (3 tackles), true freshman linebacker Chris Hughes (3 tackles). Others who had at 2 tackles were sophomore defensive lineman Devin Jones, sophomore linebacker Brandon Wilson, sophomore defensive end Shane McCardell and freshman defensive lineman Kaleb Eulls.

9) In other drills LB Deontae Skinner also performed well. In the six-on-six drill he had a couple of good tackles.

10) In the same drill, DL Devin Jones also performed well, recording a sack. Jeffrey Howie also did well, recording at least two tackles.

11) Freshman TE Brandon Hill cleared out a nice hole for a running back during one series of that drill.

12) 1st Unit OL - With starting OG Gabe Jackson out due to an injury, the right guard was being filled by freshman Dillon Day. Quentin Saulsberry was playing center with Blaine Clausell playing left tackle. Veterans Addison Lawrence was at RT and Tobias Smith at left guard. On the second unit OL James Carmon was the LT, freshman Damien Robinson was LG, Sam Watts was C, Saulsberry RG and Templeton Hardy was RT.

13) In the OL-DL one-on-one drill, the OL got the better of the DL, winning, based on my unexpert opinion, 15 fo the 19 battles. None of the first-team linemen on either side of the line participated in the drill. Of the young O-linemen James Carmon did well, winning 5 of his 6 plays, Sam Watts won all four of his battles while Josh Jackson was 3-for-3 and Templeton Hardy was 2-for-2. On the defensive side of the ball, Kaleb Eulls was 2-for-2.

14) Players not practicing due to injuries but working out in the pit were Chad Bumphis, freshman Matthew Wells, Marcus Green, Zach Smith, freshman OL Archie Muniz, Gabe Jackson and freshman DL Curtis Virges.

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