Class of 2012 Center Gavin Ware

Starkville (MS) High School 2012 big man Gavin Ware, a four-star prospect, is one of the top 75 players in the nation in the 2012 class according to's latest ranking. Gavin and his high school head coach, Greg Carter, talked about the type player Gavin is and what colleges are showing interest in him.

"I think he will be a five (in college)," said Coach Carter. "And if he continues to grow and gets to 6-10, then he will be a hard guy to stop on that block due to his size."

While big and talented, Coach Carter feels there is one area of his game he needs to continue to work on.

"I think the biggest thing for him is to develop his consistency," said Carter. "He played really well against Brandon (and Georgetown signee Tyler Adams) but he has drop offs. He's just got to be that four star every day. If he gets that mentality, then I think he has a chance to be one of the top players in the country."

In addition to consistency, Ware has other areas of his game he wants to improve on.

"I've been lacking just a little bit on my rebounding because I have been concentrating on my shot," said the 6-8, 240-pounder. "I really think I have to be more dominating in rebounding and getting it to our guards. Today, I made a promise to coach that anytime we have a game I will be getting rebounds after rebounds. I also have to work on my defense. When I have to guard a shorter dude in the perimeter then I have to move my feet more. You can't play too close to him or he will go by you so you have to keep moving your feet."

Although there is room for improvement, what he offers right now has drawn a large amount of interest from college coaches throughout the nation.

"(Mississippi) State, Georgetown, Alabama and Georgia are the schools that have shown the most interest in him," said Coach Carter. "He's also received interest from Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, LSU, really, he's getting some interest from everybody. But the ones who have been there the longest and probably the most are Georgetown, Bama, State and Georgia."

Offer-wise, three schools have extended offers.

"State is one of the schools that have offered him," said Carter. "Alabama was one but we haven't heard from them lately because they have a new coach recruiting him. And Georgetown has offered."

As for schools Gavin is interested in, he has four at the top of his current list.

"I would say the schools I'm interested in are Georgetown, (Mississippi) State, Alabama and Tennessee," said the junior. "At first, my dad and I were talking about SEC schools but when Georgetown started looking at me more and more, I was like 'dad, let's look at Georgetown.' He said that might be a little too far. And I told him it would give me a good opportunity to play. But I also thought that State is not a bad idea either but I think I will get a better education at Georgetown. I'm not downing Mississippi State (education-wise) because they are good, too."

Despite the heavy recruiting attention, Gavin is not letting it get to him. In fact, he's using it to motivate him to get better.

"It's a motivation for me that so many of the top schools are looking at me," said Gavin. "That just makes me want to play even harder."

While a talented player, Gavin may be an even better person according to Coach Carter.

"I love him because he's a great kid who listens and tries to do whatever you ask him to do," said Carter. "He never gets into any trouble and he never causes any trouble. He's just a great kid."

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