MSU Saturday Baseball Scrimmage Stats/Info

Mississippi State baseball played a five-inning scrimmage Saturday afternoon. Included are partial stats and notes. The next scrimmage is Sunday beginning at 2pm.

Highlights from the scrimmage:

  • Hitting highlights:
  • Junior Brent Brownlee walked and had a double.
  • Senior Jonathan Ogden was hit by a pitch.
  • Senior Trey Johnson walked once.
  • Junior Brett Bozeman walked once.
  • Freshman C.T. Bradford walked once and also had a single.
  • Senior Jarrod Parks had 2 singles and a double.
  • Freshman Daryl Norris had a double.
  • Freshman Demarcus Henderson had a double and an RBI.
  • Senior Ryan Collins walked once.
  • Senior Cody Freeman walked once.
  • Pitching highlights:
  • Sophomore RHP Kendall Graveman threw 4 innings, allowing 1 run (unearned) on 1 hit while walking 3 and striking out 1.
  • Sophomore LHP Chad Girodo threw 4 innings, allowing 2 runs on 5 hits and 1 walk while striking out 2.
  • Freshman RHP Taylor Stark threw 1 inning, allowing no runs on no hits and 2 walks. He struck out 1.
  • Sophomore RHP Ben Bracewell threw 1 inning, allowing no runs on 1 hit and 0 walks while striking out 1.
  • Top Velocity (Consistent and Top velo for 1st Inning):
  • Kendall Graveman - 84-86, 89 miles per hour.
  • Chad Girodo - 86-87, 89 miles per hour.
  • Taylor Stark - 85-88, 91 miles per hour.
  • Ben Bracewell - 86-88, 89 miles per hour.
  • Defensive Starters:
  • 1B - Ryan Collins, Daryl Norris
  • 2B - Sam Frost, Adam Frazier
  • SS - Jonathan Ogden, Demarcus Henderson
  • 3B - Brayden Jones, Jarrod Parks
  • C - Hunter Renfroe, Wes Thigpen
  • LF - Trey Johnson, Cody Abraham
  • CF - C.T. Bradford, Brent Brownlee
  • RF - Jaron Shepherd, Taylor Stark
  • Notes From The Park:

  • The temperature during the scrimmage was in the high 30s to low 40s with a slight wind.
  • This was Ben Bracewell's first outing on the mound since having surgery last season. He was very impressive, keeping the ball down in the strikezone and maintaining his velo at 86-88, hitting 89 a couple of times. He threw 10 pitches, 10 for strikes.
  • Taylor Stark had trouble throwing strikes to the first two batters, walking both, then settled down and got the next three batters without allowing a run.
  • Kendall Graveman, after allowing the first two hitters in the first inning to get on via a walk and an error, picked off both. In his four innings of work, he only allowed two balls to be hit in the outfield, a double by Brent Brownlee and a flyout by Cody Freeman. Four of his 12 outs were unassisted groundouts to the first baseman.
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