Coach Cohen Talks 2nd, SS and 3rd

Mississippi State head baseball coach John Cohen talks about the positions second base, shortstop and third base, who is leading the way after the first two weeks of pre-season scrimmages.

What are your thoughts about the infield positions second base, shortstop and third base after the first two weeks of spring scrimmages?
"Having a guy with experience like (sophomore) Sam Frost, who I think has come a long way, is great. He's going to be a different offensive player and his ability to handle different situations defensively after getting a lot of experience as a freshman is good. He's kind of leading the way at second base. But (true freshman) Adam Frazier could be the guy there, too. He's having a little bit of arm difficulty, so it depends on his arm situation. (True freshman) Demarcus Henderson could be the guy, too. And (true freshman)Taylor Stark might even see some time over there.

"At shortstop I would have to say Jonathan Ogden is the guy. He's our best defender on the infield, probably our best leader on the infield. We can't do the things we need to do this season without Jonathan Ogden."

How does he compare this year to what fans saw from him last year?
"I think he has made some adjustments (offensively), and I think he's a better offensive player. He's an even better defensively player. If he stays healthy, I think he has a chance to be one of the all-time great defenders at shortstop at Mississippi State. He's a huge key for us, not only what he does on the field, but off the field."

Who is behind Ogden at short?
"Demarcus Henderson could get some opportunities to rest Oggy. I think Demarcus has an incredibly bright future. He learns things from Oggy every single day. That's what we want our program to become, younger guys learning from older guys. And we feel like we are developing that."

What does it look like at third base?
"Nick Vickerson and Jarrod Parks are the main two guys there. Vickerson banged his knee up a little bit. So, if we had to play tomorrow, it would probably be Parks. But Vickerson is such a good offensive player that we have to find an opportunity for him if he is not playing third base. I think Vickerson can make the spectacular play a little bit better than Parks but Parks is probably better with the consistent play. Both of those guys are seniors and both will play."

Freshman Brayden Jones is another third baseman.
"We feel like Brayden Jones is the third baseman of the future. We believe he's going to really hit. But he's a freshman, so he's figuring things out as he goes along."

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