MSU Spring Depth Chart

Included is the Mississippi State spring football practice depth chart as of Friday, April 1st.

Mississippi State Offensive Linemen
Position Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
1st Team Blaine Clausell Quentin Saulsberry Dillon Day Templeton Hardy Addison Lawrence
2nd Team James Carmon Joey Trapp Ben Beckwith Damien Robinson Archie Muniz

Mississippi State Receivers
Position Wide Receiver Wide Receiver Wide Receiver Tight End
1st Team Chad Bumphis Arceto Clark Ricco Sanders Malcolm Johnson
2nd Team Robert Johnson Jameon Lewis Chris Smith Brandon Hill
3rd Team Sam Williams Brandon Heavens Michael Carr ------

Mississippi State QBs and RBs
Position Quarterback Fullback Running Back
1st Team Chris Relf Adrian Marcus Vick Ballard
2nd Team Tyler Russell Sylvester Hemphill LaDarius Perkins
2nd Team Dylan Favre -------- Robert Elliott

Mississippi State Defensive Linemen
Position Defensive End Defensive Tackle Defensive Tackle Defensive End
1st Team Devin Jones Fletcher Cox Josh Boyd Sean Ferguson
2nd Team Trevor Stigers Kaleb Eulls Jeffrey Howie Shane McCardell
3rd Team Corvell Harrison-Gay Curtis Virges ------------- John Harris

Mississippi State Linebackers
Position Outside Linebacker Middle Linebacker Outside Linebacker
1st Team Chris Hughes Brandon Wilson Deontae Skinner
2nd Team Christian Holmes Jamie Jones Matthew Wells
3rd Team Ethan McKee Ferlando Bohanna Tavell Marion

Mississippi State Defensive Backs
Position Left Cornerback Free Safety Strong Safety Right Cornerback
1st Team Corey Broomfield Johnthan Banks Charles Mitchell Marvin Bure
2nd Team Jay Hughes Wade Bonner Dennis Thames Damien Anderson
3rd Team Jamerson Love Asian Ruff Louis Watson Josh Morris

Mississippi State Specialists
Position Place Kicker Punter Snapper
1st Team Derek DePasquale Baker Swendenburg Reed Gordon

* - Players not included in the depth chart due to injuries are - OL Tobias Smith, OL Gabe Jackson, OL Sam Watts, RB Nick Griffin, FB William Shumpert, TE Marcus Green, TE Kendrick Cook, LB Cameron Lawrence, FS Nickoe Whitley,

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