The Exciting Dylan Favre

Mississippi State redshirt freshman quarterback Dylan Favre came in with impressive credentials. Favre not only led his St. Stanislaus high school team to the 4A state championship his senior season but also earned Mississippi Gatorade Player of the Year and Parade All-American honors. Those achievements and honors, along with great high school stats, caused great anticipation among fans.

Some Mississippi State fans, after hearing exciting things about Favre during the pre-season practices, thought he might play during his true freshman season. Favre quickly found out, though, that all the achievements and honors didn't prepare him for the level of play required to play in the tough Southeastern Conference.

But the excitement and talk among fans continued at a brisk pace throughout the season and into spring practice. And Favre didn't disappoint the 36,000+ fans who attended the recent spring football game.

Favre, not only known as a great passer but also considered a good runner, ran the ball 10 times for 41 yards, all the while wearing a regular jersey and not the red jersey that is used to signify to the other players that he is the quarterback and can't be tackled.

In addition to the 41 yards rushing he also threw for 199 yards and 1 touchdown on 17 completions in 26 attempts. But it wasn't his passing and running, the things that excite the fans the most, that he keyed on in the spring. It was something that most fans don't really pay much attention to - learning to manage the game.

"This spring I tried to work on my game management, trying to get out of the mindset that I have to score a touchdown every time I touch the ball, just take what the defense gives me and let the guys around me make plays," said Favre. "Really, just know my role within the offense."

While he was happy with his improvement in the spring, he still realized he has a way to go before he's where he needs to be at the start of the 2011 season.

"I think I definitely improved from the beginning of the spring to the end of the spring but I still have a ways to go because I'm still learning every day," said Favre. "It's all a process I'm just trying to take in right now."

Part of that process not only includes passing, running and managing the game but also understanding the Bulldog offense. And just when he thinks he's got that part of the game down pat, his position coach and head coach throw him a curve.

"I feel comfortable with the offense but as soon as I think I know it, (head) Coach (Dan) Mullen or (quarterback) Coach (Les) Koenning will ask me a question that I don't have an answer to," said Favre.

Despite the unanswered questions, there is one thing that has been answered after the spring game, especially among MSU fans - there are legitimate reasons to be excited about Dylan Favre.

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