May 6-8 SEC Baseball Series Predictions

Included in this article are my predictions as to how the six SEC baseball series this weekend will end up. I also included the updated standings based on my predictions.

Current 2011 SEC Baseball Standings
1 Florida 17-4 34-10 25-4 9-6 8-5 2 3 4
2 South Carolina 17-4 35-8 26-3 9-5 6-3 5 4 3
3 Vanderbilt 17-4 38-5 27-2 11-3 8-4 4 1 2
4 Georgia 13-8 24-21 13-10 11-11 13-14 18 28 NR
5 Alabama 10-11 28-19 22-5 6-14 3-8 36 46 NR
6 Arkansas 10-11 29-13 18-4 11-9 7-6 17 20 18
7 Auburn 9-12 23-21 14-12 9-9 7-12 12 42 NR
8 Ole Miss 9-12 24-20 18-7 6-13 1-7 41 54 NR
9 MSU 8-13 25-18 20-10 5-8 8-8 26 37 NR
10 LSU 7-14 28-17 24-9 4-8 4-9 30 31 NR
11 Tennessee 5-16 22-20 17-11 5-9 2-10 87 99 NR
12 Kentucky 4-17 20-25 17-7 3-18 2-6 132 141 NR

This Weekend's Games:

LSU at Alabama

Alabama should win the series 2 to 1, although I feel it is going to be a close series.

Why Alabama should win the series: Although LSU has a horrible road record in the SEC (they are 1-8), Alabama hasn't been dominating at home, going 6-3 in SEC home games. Neither team has been hitting that well in SEC games with both showing a .257 SEC batting average. Alabama's pitching, in SEC games, has been very good at home (23 runs in 9 home games compared to 76 in 12 away games). The pitching advantage at home should be enough to give Bama the series win.

Florida at Arkansas

I expect Florida to win this series 2-1.

Why Florida should win the series: Although Florida is an outstanding team, they normally lose at least one game on the road when playing in the SEC. They did that against Mississippi State and they did the same against Georgia. But I don't see Florida losing more than one due to a very talented and deep pitching staff and an outstanding hitting team.

Georgia at Auburn

Georgia should win 2 of 3.

Why Georgia should win the series: If you had asked me last week who I thought would win this series I would have told you Auburn. But Georgia played well last weekend, winning 2 of 3 against Arkansas, while Auburn lost 4 of 5 during the same week, including 3 of 3 against South Carolina. It is a home series for Auburn, so the games should be close but Georgia's pitching will give them the series win.

Vanderbilt at Kentucky

Vanderbilt will sweep this series.

Why Vanderbilt should win the series: Vanderbilt has been playing outstanding this season. They have the best hitting team team in the SEC and the most talented pitching staff as well. Kentucky, on the other hand, has struggled big-time this season. They have had their moments when playing at home but they haven't played anyone as good as this Vanderbilt team.

South Carolina at Ole Miss

It wouldn't surprise me to see South Carolina sweep Ole Miss, but I expect Ole Miss to pull one out since it's on their home field.

Why South Carolina should win the series: Ole Miss has been struggling on the mound this season, allowing a batting average against of .305 and an ERA of 5.57. And while Ole Miss has been hitting the ball well, they have only faced one of the top three pitching staffs in the SEC so far, Florida. And against Florida they only scored 6 runs in the three-game series. And South Carolina has the best ERA (2.06) of all the schools in SEC games only. But because the game is at Ole Miss, a hitters park, I can see Ole Miss scratching out one win.

Mississippi State at Tennessee

MSU should defeat Tennessee two of three in the series.

Why MSU should win the series: Tennessee's home record is 17-11 but 2-7 in SEC games. In SEC games only, Tennessee is on the bottom of the hitting and pitching stats with a batting average of .232 while scoring 2.5 runs per game, and their pitching has recorded an earned run average of 6.31. Their pitching's batting average against is .313 and it's even worse with runners on, .334. The last SEC series MSU faced a team pitching this poorly was the Auburn series, and they swept that series. If this one was at MSU I might see that happening again but it's at Tennessee, so that should give Tennessee a win.

Updated SEC Baseball Standings After May 6-8 Weekend
SEC Record, Best To Worst
(SEC Tournament Seed)
1 (1 seed, SEC Champ) Vanderbilt 20-4
2 (3 seed) South Carolina 19-5
3 (4 seed) Florida 19-5
4 (5 seed) Georgia 15-9
5 (2 seed, West Division Champ) Alabama 12-12
6 (6 seed) Arkansas 11-13
7 (7 seed) MSU 10-14
8 (8 seed) Auburn 10-14
9 Ole Miss 10-14
10 LSU 8-16
11 Tennessee 6-19
12 Kentucky 4-20

Although three teams have the same record (Auburn, Ole Miss and MSU), MSU is head of the other two due to winning the series against Auburn and having a better division record than Ole Miss. Auburn is head of Ole Miss due to winning the series against them.

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