A Q&A With Class of 2013 Mark Dodson

Whitehaven (Memphis, TN) High School Mark Dodson (5-10, 178), who may be one of the top running backs in the south among the class of 2013 prospects, talks with Scout.com about his camp experiences.

Describe yourself as a player?
Mark Dodson - "First, I get my work done in school. I also run track, which helps my running. And I work out three days a week with a trainer and with a fellow running back from Ridgeway.

"I thank God for giving me this blessing. I also thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to travel to these camps. I also thank my coach for helping me."

What camps have your attended up to this point?
"I went to the National Underclassmen Camp, the University of Memphis, Mississippi State and Arkansas State."

What have the coaches told you at the camps you have attended?
"They talk to me about keeping up my good work in the classroom and (if I do that then) I will be highly recruited."

What other camps do you plan on attending?
"I plan on going to North Carolina, Cincinnati, LSU and as many other camps as possible."

What are you trying to achieve at these camps?
"I'm trying to learn. There is always room for improvement. Coaches can see your weakness and help you improve them so I'm listening to them so I can help myself improve. I'm also trying to see which schools really like me."

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