A Q&A With Brandon Hill

Scout.com talks with class of 2012 of offensive tackle Brandon Hill of St. George's High School (Collierville, TN) about the camps he has attended and how his recruiting is going.

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What camps have you attended?
"Ole Miss, Southern Miss and here (Mississippi State). I have Georgia Saturday. And my coach will tell me where I need to go from there."

What have the coaches at the camps told you that they like about you?
"They like my quick feet. They said I need to improve my flexibility. My hips are tight so I need to stretch more. I've learned a couple of stretches that I need to work on that will help me get faster and quicker."

What are some other things that you still need to work on?
"I need to work on my pass protection a lot. I need to understand it better. I'm so used to grabbing and pushing and running with my feet instead of kicking bat and being patient and let the defensive player come to me."

What are some things you have learned from the camps?
"I've learned to anchor my feet better and sit back."

How have you done against the defensive linemen that you have gone against?
"Every time I finished I'm either standing up or they are on the ground or they fall away from the bag. The coaches always tell me good job putting him on his back."

Since you are at the Mississippi State camp what have their coaches said they like about you?
"Coach (John) Hevesy told me that I have the punch, the strength, the power. But now I have to learn how to use it."

Recruiting-wise, who is looking at you?
"I have four offers that I know of - Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Nebraska and Memphis."

Who else is recruiting you?
"The whole SEC."

What are you looking for in a college?
"What I am really looking for in a college is Sports Management. I want to be an agent some day. I am also looking at playing time and the coaches. I want to feel comfortable, like I'm home when I'm there."

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