Jacob Lindgren Drafted In 12th Round

Mississippi State baseball signee Jacob Lindgren, who was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 12th round of the Major League Baseball draft Tuesday, talks about being picked in the draft, pro ball and college ball.

You were drafted in the 12th rounds. Had teams talked to you about where you might be drafted?
Jacbo Lindgren - "There was talk that I would be drafted but I didn't think I would be drafted as high as I was. I thought I was going to be drafted a lot later. But I'm just happy that I was drafted."

Have the Cubs called you to let you know that you have been drafted?
"Yes sir, they did. They called to congratulate me."

Did they tell you when they would get back with you and start the negotiations?
"We didn't talk about that today. But it will be sometime later."

Have the Mississippi State coaches called you since you were drafted?
"Yeah, I received a call from them. I tried calling them back but I got their voicemail."

What are your thoughts about being drafted in the 12th round?
"Not a lot of people get drafted. So, I'm just excited that I got picked. It's an honor to be picked."

Do you have a dollar figure in your head that you want to go pro, and if you don't get it you will go to college?
"Not exactly, no sir."

What are your thoughts about going pro or going to college?
"I've thought about it, but it's going to take a sufficient amount for me to give up college. I'm really in a win-win situation. I can play in the SEC or I can play pro ball."

Were you able to watch many of Mississippi State's baseball games this season?
"I watched a few of their games. But the SEC is the SEC. You know what I mean?"

[Jacob was in the Bahamas when I talked to him and he had limited minutes to talk so the conversation had to be cut short.-Gene]

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