MSU Assistant Coach Talks About Game

Mississippi State assistant coach Lane Burroughs talks about his team's game-two victory over the Florida Gators.

Lane Burroughs

Talk about Nick Vickerson's home run to win the game.
"Initially, we were thinking sacrifice the runner over because it is the tying run and we are the home team but they changed pitchers and we rethought the entire process due to Vickerson's having the ability to do what he did. And he did it."

Did you think it was a home run as soon as he hit it?
"Yeah, I knew as soon as he hit it it was gone because of the way the ball has been flying out here all weekend long. But either way, in my mind, I was thinking the game is tied because (Jarrod) Parks is going to score from first and Vickerson was going to be at third. So, it was good either way."

I know players get excited and show their emotions in a huge way but what do coaches do? Do you show your emotions in a case like that or are you already focusing in on the next game?
"You kind of lose your professionalism a little bit when it happens (laugh)."

What did you do?
"(Laugh) I don't even know. I think I jumped up a little bit and pumped my fist in the air, then Parks was coming around third so I gave him a big high-five. Then I gave Vickerson a big high-five. Then, as soon as he touched home you loved seeing the kids reactions but you then start thinking about the next one because we have one more. We are one win away from Omaha."

As coaches, what do you do to now?
"You don't do anything differently. I don't really believe in momentum day to day in baseball. But I do believe that we need to come out and play loose like we did today. As for Florida, not that I think there is any pressure on them, but they were three outs away from winning. And I've been in that other dugout - not to go to Omaha - when you were three outs or one out away from winning and you get a walk-off hit off of you."

Talk about the performance of Caleb Reed. "Incredible. You are in a situation where there is no tomorrow. Today is your last game and you can't look past it. And you have to go with your best and he's been our best all year. And that's what we did.

"He probably shouldn't have given up a run but we had to play in with C.T. a little bit because we didn't want a ball hit in between. We would rather get beat with a ball over our head. And he barely missed that ball.

"But Caleb was outstanding and did what he has been doing all year, which is give us a chance to win. Now we are one win away (from Omaha)."

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