Butch Thompson Talks About Hunter Renfroe

Mississippi State pitching coach Butch Thompson talks about where freshman pitcher/catcher/outfielder Hunter Renfroe figures in the pitching plans for MSU next season.

What do you do with a guy like Hunter Renfroe? He can pitch, play outfield and catch.
"He is a challenge because I think he is going to be a impact player in a lot of different ways. I think for summer ball I still want him throwing just once a week, probably throw him one or two innings once a week."

One or two innings doesn't seem like much time to work on his pitching.
"We have an entire fall when we are all together. I want him hitting and playing a position and not expand his pitch count while he's not here. Heck, he might even be a starter for us next year (as a pitcher). Due to that, we might increase his pitch count in the fall."

"(Hunter) now has a changeup, which he picked up (recently). So we want him to try and get three pitches going an inning or two a week. Then, when he gets back to (Mississippi State) he can start building up his pitch count. If he was pitching only, then I would start building the pitch count during summer ball but he needs at bats and time behind the plate."

That's a little surprising to me, that he might be a starting pitcher for MSU. I know he's got a fastball that can reach upwards of 97 to 98 miles per hour.
"That's where my mind is right now with him. Who said Caleb Reed would be the closer (for us) this year? Nobody projected him as the closer this year and and he wound up being the closer.

"Next year's team is going to be so totally different than this year's team. Even if we have all these best laid plans, we don't really know (who will be pitching where). But I think we want Hunter to continue developing in all aspects. I think you get through the summer and continue letting him pitch. Then you get him back here and build up his pitch count."

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