Tiaria Griffin Recruiting Update

Lawrence County (MS) High School class of 2012 women's basketball player Tiaria Griffin recruiting update.

Tiaria Griffin is not your everyday girl's basketball player. To give you an example of that, in the 2011 Mississippi 4A state championship game her team's opponent, New Albany, made it a point of using several defenses on her to keep her from beating them offensively. The strategy worked because New Albany won the game 71-61. At the end of the game New Albany coach John Stroud was proud to say that his team held Griffin to 39 points. That's a true reflection on how gifted Griffin really is. And she's been a very, very good player since her freshman season and has continued to improve each season.

"My biggest fear with a girl as talented as she is is she will never progress," said LCHS head girl's basketball coach Vicki Rutland. "They come to you as a freshman with all this potential, then never progress. She has not done that. She has stepped it up every year, taking it a little bit farther each year.

"So many people look at her and think she is naturally athletic (and that is why she is so good), but she works on her game. She shoots 200 shots a day. She makes it look easier offensively than it really is because she works on it. I am very proud of that."

And due to that combination of athleticism and hard work, Tiaria has become an offensive force.

"Offensively, she (can) shoot the three, and she (can) definitely drive and score any kind of way she wants to," said Rutland. "When we need somebody to step up she knows where the hole is, how to protect the ball, how to go up strong and she can shoot the free throw. She can score any kind of way she wants to. She averages 28 to 30 points per game."

But there is more to this talented youngster than just her offensive game.

"She's athletic and smart on the court, has good basketball sense and just loves the game," said Rutland. "She is (also) a kid who will respond to you when you encourage her and motivate her. She is a smart girl who makes mostly A's and just a few B's (in the classroom)."

But with all that talent there are still parts of her game she needs to continue to work on to become a truly well-rounded player.

"She's had her ups and downs defensively but we are working on that," said Rutland. "We are working on getting her to be more consistent defensively. She will also need to add some more weight and get on a good nutrition plan."

Despite the need to improve her defense and add a few more pounds of muscle to her 5'9" frame college coaches already like what they see from the talented senior-to-be.

"Mississippi State, Ole Miss, USM, the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida and bunch of others are recruiting me," said Tiaria Griffin.

And several have already offered scholarships.

"I have scholarships (offers) from Ole Miss, USM, Mississippi State, Georgia Tech, and the University of Georgia," said Griffin.

The attention from colleges caught Griffin by surprise.

"I didn't see any of this coming," said the youngster. "It started becoming like this my sophomore year. My freshman year I got letters and I looked at them but I didn't think it would become like this, like everybody calling your phone. I didn't expect this."

Although she is one of the more highly thought of recruits in the class of 2012, she's taking her time narrowing her college choices down.

"I haven't thought about what schools I'm interested in," said Griffin. "I haven't narrowed down my choices yet. I have talked to a couple of schools that I like but I'm not sure where I want to go."

While not narrowing her choices down, she does have a good idea of what she is looking for in a college.

"I want to go somewhere where I can become a better player and a better person and feel like I am at home," said Griffin.

As for where that will end up being, keep it on Scout.com/FoxSports as we continue to keep you up-to-date on the latest recruiting news on this very talented member of the class of 2012.

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