Victoria Vivians Recruiting Update

Scott Central (MS) Attendance Center class of 2014 basketball player Victoria Vivians is fast becoming one of the highest profile members of the class of 2014.

"Everybody in the SEC is actively recruiting her right now except for Tennessee and Vanderbilt," said Scott Central head girl's basketball coach Chad Harrison. "And I would say it will be only a matter of time once they see her and hear about her. Also, probably a handful of ACC schools are recruiting her - Clemson, Georgia Tech. And the University of Texas is."

Although only going into her sophomore season, some of those schools are recruiting her in a big way.

"As far as who is recruiting her the hardest, the schools who came to our gym in the fall to watch her practice were all the in-state schools - Mississippi State, Southern, Ole Miss - Florida came in twice, Georgia came in twice, Georgia Tech came in, East Carolina came in," said Harrison. "She has offers from Mississippi State and Southern Miss. I don't want to say Georgia has offered her because I don't really know if they have but I do know they are recruiting her really hard."

Harrison, during his 16 years coaching at Scott Central, has been one of the most successful coaches in Mississippi and has seen a lot of talented players during his career. But Vivians may wind up being the best.

"We have been blessed to have some really good players in our program and we have been blessed to have some really good teams, some that won the state championship," said Harrison. "She just has IT! You hear people say that they have it. Well, she has it."

He explained what he considers to be it.

"I think a lot of it is her size, range, which is God-given," said Harrison. "I also think she jumps, gets down and jumps again quicker than most people jump the first time. She has great hang time. She has unbelievable range shooing her shots. She can shoot from 30 feet outside or she can shoot around the bucket with either hand. She's just got natural God-given ability. And she has a very high basketball IQ."

She's also tough as nails. And she has to be because Harrison is the type coach who is an in your face type coach who wants every player to achieve their maximum potential.

"She can take a butt chewing because I am pretty tough on her but she mentally understands the situation," said Harrison.

The coach gives a lot of credit to Vivians' family for the type person she is.

"She comes from a great family and is a great kid," said Harrison. "Her family is so supportive of our basketball program and the way we do things and the way we push Victoria. I think she is so grounded with her family and with us."

He expects even bigger things from her in the future if she maintains her grounded type personality.

"I just pray that she stays as humble as she is now, keeps working hard and listening because I believe she has a chance to be one of the top recruits in the country,"said Harrison.

When you talk to Vivians you immediately see that humbleness come through.

When I asked her when she first noticed she had a special talent to play basketball, she simply said, "I first noticed I could play in the sixth grade. I was just playing around with the sixth grade team."

Although the talent was there even as early as the sixth grade, it was a showcase in Atlanta last fall that put her on the recruiting map. You would expect it was due to her lighting up the scoreboard with her shooting ability and athleticism.

According to Vivians it was simply because, "I just hustled."

After a follow-up question, she did admit that, "one person (at the showcase) talked to me and told me I have a long way to go but I am real talented and can go far."

As far as what that talent consists of, Harrison has heard it first-hand from numerous college coaches.

"College coaches like her explosiveness, aggressiveness and intensity," said the veteran coach. "Obviously, they recruit a lot of good athletes and she has that athleticism. But she just has an unbelievable explosiveness about her. She just can dominate. (Even) at the age she is right now she can dominate a game."

Harrison gave some examples of that domination during her 8th and 9th grades seasons.

"In her 8th grade year we played Lake and scouts from Georgia, LSU, Clemson, and Alabama were there to see Krista Donald of Lake. We won the game by 18. Victoria had 28 points and 18 rebounds in the game as an 8th grader. In her 9th grade season she had two 40 point games against Meridian and Hattiesburg, both 6A schools. We won both games. And Hattiesburg was ranked number 2 overall in the state at the time."

Despite being able to dominate teams at times, as with any young player, Vivians has some things she needs to work on. Although she plays with great effort, she knows she needs to be consistent with that effort.

"I try to play (with effort on the defensive side); I don't do it all the time but I try to," said the youngster.

Look for future updates on Victoria Vivians, one of the most talented members of the class of 2014.

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