Bird Has Plenty Of Options

Murrah High School class of 2012 Zachary Bird is a highly sought after pitcher/first baseman who is hearing from schools throughout the southeast. He took a few minutes on a rare day at home to update on his many travels this summer.

"I am playing with Marucci Elite of the Baton Rouge area," he said. "The team has players from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. We travel and play in a lot of Perfect Game events, and I've been to a few national showcases. I just got back from two in Ft. Myers and Atlanta, and I'm going to the East Coast showcase in August."

He was enjoying a rare off day at home when we talked, but you get the feeling all the traveling he's doing this summer is exactly the way Bird wants it to be. He is a hard worker who takes every opportunity he can to improve on his game.

"There is a lot of traveling right now, that is what I feel like I am doing every week, traveling somewhere else to play baseball," he said. "I am going to Auburn next weekend for a tournament."

Zachary Bird made a nice showing at the State Games of Mississippi this past week, where the best in the state of Mississippi competed against one another. He went toe to toe with the very best in the state and came away standing tall.

"State Games went real well; I had a decent tournament," he said. "I went 3-for-7 with a home run and 2 or 3 RBI, pitched a complete game and had 9 strikeouts. I also gave up two runs but none earned."

His play this past year, along with a strong summer to this point, has made him a hot commodity for many schools across the southeast.

"I am hearing from a lot of schools," he informed us. "USM, LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Louisiana-Lafayette, Duke, Samford, and Navy to name a few. I am pretty sure where I want to go, but I don't want to say right now because in a week I may change my mind. But I feel confident about what my decision would be right now."

So, what is it that the big pitcher/ first baseman is looking for in a school?

"The main this is that I want a school that has a lot of baseball tradition," he said. "Also, I would love to go to a school that is located in a big city because I am a social person. I also would like to play in front of a nice size crowd. I study Psychology and I want to go to a school with a good program for that."

Although Bird loves every aspect of the game of baseball, he's honing certain skills this summer in an attempt to become more of a complete player.

"Specifically, I want to work on throwing my breaking balls for strikes," he said of his time with Marucci Elite this summer. "I don't just want to miss low with them, but I want to be able to throw them in the zone when I need to. As far as the bigger picture, I want to get stronger. I have gained some weight, but I want to get even more and also more flexible so I can stay in the game longer and add some zip to my fastball."

Bird is not only a hard worker, but he is a team leader as well. He knows his role for Murrah High School next season will require him to continue doing what he has always done.

"We are going to have a pretty young team; they work pretty hard, but I know my role is to carry this team next year," he said. "I have been a leader since my freshman year, and I know I may have to impose my will at times. But I just want to get them to work as hard as I do and get them playing at their full potential and we could be all right."

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