2012 Golfer Logan Chaney Commits To MSU

The Mississippi State women's golf team received some good news with the commitment of a rising star in Logan Chaney, a senior-to-be at Scottsboro (AL) High School. Chaney talked about the reasons she decided to make her future college home in Starkville.

"I visited several other campuses, and they all seemed to be missing one thing or the other," Chaney said when asked about her decision-making process. "Some were too big or to small, to many kids, not enough tradition. Then I came to Mississippi State and I couldn't believe what a good fit it was. The campus is great. I am from a small town and I didn't want to go to a huge town. Everything I've heard about it has been wonderful. Even if it was summer, there was a great tradition that I saw on campus."

She also hit it off right away with the current Lady Bulldog golfers.

"Most of all I loved the golf team," she added. "I love where the team is going and where we practice; also I just loved the players on the team."

The coaching staff at Mississippi State made sure that Chaney knew where the program stood, and that made a huge impact on the rising star.

"Coach (Ginger) Brown(-Lemm) and Coach (Leigh) Phillips were both very straight-forward and honest," she said. "You have to love that about a coach because you know they are not trying to trick you, and make it sound better than it is. At the same time they are just wonderful people. They made me laugh and already feel a part of the family, and she gave me the e-mails of all of the other players on the team. They were just so welcoming, even more than my own team and I love my own team. Everyone made me feel part of the family, so what else can you ask for?"

Summer is an important time for high school golfers to develop and compete at a high level in tournaments. Chaney is spending her time, and she made it clear she welcomes the challenge of playing the very best.

"I am playing tournaments right now; I am playing every other week," she said. "I am trying to work on hitting the ball farther and getting more up and downs. I love playing tournaments; I try to get into the big stuff where all the competition is. I also will be playing for my team next year and we will be trying to make it to state for the third year in a row."

In the SEC, she'll have that chance to play at a high level. It is also a challenge she looks forward to.

"Oh my gosh, yes, I love the SEC," she added. "I have always been an SEC fan. I am really excited to be playing at this high of a level on a daily basis."

Chaney has led her team, Scottsboro High School, to the state tournament two years in a row. She is also gaining national notoriety with success in summer tournaments. It is difficult to believe four years ago she was not shooting under 100 in a round.

"One of my inspirations is Mark Blackburn, my swing coach," she said. "He has taken me in four years from shooting 110 to being a scratch golfer, so he is a huge role model for me. Also my high school coach holds several coach records. She has the best attitude I've ever met, and has been a huge influence in my life."

What can Bulldog fans expect from Chaney?

"I am extremely accurate," said Logan Chaney. "Most of the time I hit about 100 percent of my drives in the fairway and about 70 percent on my greens. Recently I have been very good at putting which I have worked on a ton. I can usually get it up and down when I get it close."

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