2013 Derek Martin Having A Good Summer

Derek Martin is quickly becoming one of the top baseball players in the state of Mississippi's class of 2013. The Tri-County Academy junior-to-be is working hard on his game this summer, and he talked about his summer experience along with his number one choice for a future school in this interview with GenesPage.com.

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"I am playing with the school some this summer; we have played in a few public school tournaments," he said when asked to update his summer.

Martin is considered one of the top players in the 2013 class. He plays both shortstop and pitcher for Tri-County.

"I am also playing with the PSA Sox (travel team program). We played a lot of the 5A public schools, and have done really well against them. The tough part is depth (because) once you get past those first three pitchers we don't have the number of pitchers that they do. We can hold our own against them though."

The summer, and playing against a high level of competition, has elevated his game to a new level.

"There is no doubt about it," he added. "It is helped me tremendously already both offensively and with my pitching. I am learning to hit better pitching with the tough curveballs, and in summer league I've been working on my changeup and it is really coming a long way."

One huge benefit of summer league ball is the opportunity it afford a player to work to become more of a complete player.

"I've been trying to spot my curveball as well, and locate my off-speed stuff," he said. "I also have been working on my swing, trying to keep my hands up. That will go a long way in the big scheme of things."

Though he still has two more years of high school to play, Martin has his mind set on continuing his career at one particular SEC school.

"I'd like to play at Mississippi State to be honest with you," he said. "I have gone to a bunch of camps there, and I like what it is centered on and based on. I think they are really a growing program. The coaching staff helps you a lot, is very friendly, and when I went up there for camp they even sat me down and talked about my grades and stuff. Every Friday they have you write thank you notes to the people who have helped get you where you are, and I thought that was really cool."

When asked if there are any other schools in the mix for Martin, he simply responded, "they are really number one for me right now."

Martin is a good athlete who also has tried his hand at a few other sports. However, he makes it clear his path of choice is on the diamond.

"I am playing basketball right now, and I quit football two years ago," he said. "Basketball is something that I play to stay in shape for baseball."

For now, Martin is intent on preparing to lead his high school team one more step beyond where they ended up last season.

"We made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs last year, but we have all our pitching coming back," he said. "I think our expectations will be very high, and I know I'll be called upon to help lead this team."

Drew White is a recruiting writer for the GenesPage.com website, the source for Mississippi State sports on the Scout.com sports network. You can contact him by emailing Drewwhite77@gmail.com.

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