2013 LHP Thomas Lowery Update

2013 LHP pitcher Thomas Lowery - Pelham (AL) HS, 5-10, 170 - played with the Excel Blue Wave 17U team at the 2011 17U WWBA Association National Championship tournament the week of July 9th-15th. Gene's Page talked one-on-one with Thomas as well as the Excel Blue Wave 17U coach Josh Beshears. At the bottom of this Q&A is video of him pitching at the 17U WWBA tournament.

Excel Blue Wave Coach Josh Beshears

What are your thoughts about Thomas Lowery?
"He's a very good athlete. And he's a good outfielder but he's definitely a very solid pitcher. He's a guy who really gets after it. When he's on the mound he's a bulldog. From pitch number 1, he's giving you all he's got out there. He really competes hard on the mound. He commands his pitches for strikes. And he knows how to pitch and get guys out."

Is he primarily being recruited as a pitcher?
"Right now, there is more interest as a pitcher. While I think he's a good outfielder, I don't know if there will be interest in him as an outfielder. I think he could play outfield on the next level, but right now, this early in the recruiting process, I would say most people are looking at him as a pitcher."

What is his normal fastball velocity?
"His fastball will be mid-80s, but he does have good command of a good breaking ball and changeup. It's really more his competitiveness (that makes him so good). You love having a guy like that on the mound because you know he is going to give you everything that he has and will give you a chance to win every time."

What schools are looking at him?
"He actually plays on our 16U team, so Matthew Maniscalco is his head coach. He's playing with me this week because the 16U team isn't playing. I know a lot of schools have talked to Matthew about him, but just this week, once they saw he was throwing over here, I have gotten a lot of inquiries from a lot of different schools, division 1s and SECs. They told me they want to come see him throw."

Thomas Lowery

What are your strengths?
"I'm not very big, so I make up for it with confidence. The more confidence you have the better you will compete on the mound."

Coach Beshears kept talking about your competitive nature. Do you feel that is a major strength of yours?
"Yes sir, I'm non-stop, never quit, give it your all while you are out there."

Where do you get that confidence and competitiveness?
"My dad is the same way. He was a Marine and he's not very big. He kind of raised me with that type attitude. He raised me to get after it because I'm not very big."

I get the impression you hate it when someone gets a hit off of you.
"I would rather give up a home run than a broken bat single or a little bloop hit. I want someone to beat me fair and square. I don't want someone to just bloop one off of me. I know that guy is not better than me but he's on base anyway."

What pitches do you throw?
"I throw a two-seam fastball just for the movement. I consider movement to be more of an asset than speed. If you throw 90 (miles per hour) flat, guys will hit that. But if you can throw 85 to 87 with movement, that is tougher to hit. I also throw a changeup and a curveball. I usually work away with the off-speed stuff to keep hitters off-balance. Then, I pound inside with a fastball."

I know you are just now going into your junior year in high school. Do you know what schools are showing early interest in you?
"Southern Miss has shown some interest, along with UAB, South Alabama and Auburn. And Mississippi State has shown a little bit of interest. Really, it's Southern Miss, UAB, South Alabama and Auburn that are the main ones that have shown the most interest."

[Lowery's moving, two-seam fastball was consistently 84-86 miles per hour, topping out at 87, in the game that I videotaped at the 17U WWBA National Championship tournament. - Gene]

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