MSU Volleyball Commitment Taylor Hackemack

Durant High School (Plant City, FL) senior volleyball player Taylor Hackemack is not shy about making decisions, even the big decisions such as where to go to college. She made her college choice between her sophomore and junior seasons in high school.

"When I was 16-years-old, (Mississippi State) saw me and I made the connection with them because I really wanted to major in Forestry and Mississippi State is great for that," said Hackemack. "So I decided to check it out. I came to their camp last year and fell in love with the campus, and the people were great. Then, I committed about two weeks after that camp with a phone call.

"I know I committed early but I came to their camp and felt I could do this for four years because I loved it. I love it here, so I decided I may as well go with it."

She attended her second Mississippi State camp the past few days.

"I decided to come to their camp just to see what I need to work on, and I have a lot that I have to work on, too, so it was a good experience for me," said Hackemack. "(And) I fell in love with Mississippi State again."

As for how Mississippi State first found out about her, Taylor explained how their recruitment of her first started.

"Mississippi State has ties in Texas," she said. "(MSU head) Coach (Jenny) Hazelwood grew up in the city where I was from in Texas. So, she had that tie. And my club in Houston, the Houston Juniors, had a great contact. She told them to look at this kid. Then, she told them about me moving from Texas to Florida."

She has several attributes any college volleyball coach would love to have in a player.

"I have been playing for a long time, since my second grade, so I've been around the game a long time," said Hackemack, who is 6-2 tall. "When I am done with high school I will have been playing as long as a college senior has been playing.

"I used to set for a club, then I switched to hitter. So now I have the setting, hitting, kind of utility player thing going on, which I think is great. Wherever they need me, I can step in knowing I can do it whether it be a hitter, a setter or a defensive player."

She explained why she started playing the game at such an early age.

"My mom used to play volleyball and coach it," said Hackemack. "(And) since she was a coach I was in the gym all the time."

That spring boarded into playing on a club team.

"She knew someone and I started playing at seven on a twelves team," said Hackemack. "I didn't play very much but I was around the game and around the girls so I learned a lot. And it was something that I liked so I stuck with it."

And the Mississippi State volleyball coaches couldn't be happier.

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