Josh Gray Commits to MSU

Class of 2012 point guard Josh Gray, who plays his high school ball at Christian Life Center in Houston, Texas, talks about his commitment to Mississippi State.

"I committed today," said Josh Gray. "I committed to (head) Coach (Rick) Stansbury and (assistant) Coach (Marcus) Grant at the same time. (Coach Stansbury) just gave me a big hug."

He explained the things that impressed him about Mississippi State.

"I loved the coaching staff, I loved the situation they have for me, I loved the conference the team is in," said the 6-1, 174-pounder. "I just felt like Mississippi State really wanted me. I know a lot of schools wanted me but Mississippi State needs me. And I have always wanted to be at a place that needed me. And I loved the coaching staff, they were more than just coaches to me. I just liked everything about them."

He explained how he knew they wanted him so badly.

"They were at every one of my games," said Gray. "Everywhere I was in July, they were right there. There were at least two Mississippi State coaches at every one of my games. Coach Stansbury recruited me. And all the assistant coaches on the staff were recruiting me, Coach Grant, all of them, every last one of them.

"Even after they had seen me in (Las) Vegas, my AAU team head coach put together a tournament, a last thing type tournament, and the head coach of Mississippi State was there, them and Texas Tech. But Texas Tech wasn't at all my games in Vegas. Mississippi State was the first one to be there and the last one to leave. They showed me that they wanted me and needed me."

Gray spoke in more detail about assistant coach Marcus Grant, the coach who appeared to be one of the most involved in his recruitment.

"Coach Grant is pretty cool," said Gray. "He's more like a brother to me. He's been honest with me from the beginning. He told me what it was like, even if I liked it or didn't. That's one of the things I liked about him. He always told me the truth. They were all honest with me, especially Coach Grant and Coach Stansbury. And Coaches Brooks and Cunningham were involved in my recruitment, too."

Speaking of his recruitment, he had numerous options to choose from.

"I was also considering Georgetown, Texas Tech, Oregon and Texas A&M," said Gray. "Those, along with Mississippi State, were my top five. All the schools that I have mentioned have offered me. Louisiana Tech and Baylor also offered me. I had a lot of schools interested in me."

Of the schools he was most interested in, he unofficially visited four and was going to visit a fifth after visiting Mississippi State.

"I unofficially visited Texas A&M, Baylor, Georgetown and Mississippi State," said Gray, who brought along his dad, cousin and trainer on his visit to Mississippi State. "My next visit was going to be to Seton Hall because I was very serious about them but I just wrapped it up with Mississippi State."

Although he had a number of schools showing interest, even more might have but Gray first started playing AAU ball this year.

"This was my first year to play AAU so I am still an underrated players who is still unknown," he said. "I played for the Houston Franchise All-Stars."

Gray explained what Mississippi State fans will see when he steps on the court at MSU in a year.

"I'm really good at penetrating, getting up and down and knocking down my open shots. If they try to stop me, then I'm going to penetrate and pass it to someone else. I can also play defense. I got about four steals a game during the AAU season."

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