A Q&A With Redshirt Freshman DL Kaleb Eulls

Mississippi State redshirt freshman defensive lineman Kaleb Eulls talks about being more fit this season, redshirting last season, summer workouts and having two veteran defensive linemen playing in front of him.

  • Kaleb Eulls
  • Redshirt Freshman Defensive Lineman
  • Mississippi State
  • Last year, you came in a little overweight. Now you look almost like a body builder. How did you transform your body during the past year?
    "Compared to last year, I am a lot better, a lot more fit. I came in as a heavy set guy and I trimmed it up. I lost some of the fat and gained muscle."

    I believe you are 6-4 tall. What is your current weight?
    "About 278."

    Do you know what your body fat percentage is now?
    "It went down from I think 31 to 20."

    You redshirted last season. Looking back on it, do you feel like you really needed that redshirt year to prepare you for this season?
    "Yeah, I felt like I needed it. I got the chance to sit back and learn the system and see how we do things up here."

    How did this summer's workouts compare to last summer's?
    "Basically, it felt like it was tougher because they were trying to move us up so we could go to another level."

    During the workouts, did you meet all your times?

    Was it a struggle to meet them?
    "At some point it was a struggle, but, basically, it just took some getting used to."

    You have two veterans in front of you, Fletcher Cox and Josh Boyd. How have they helped you this summer?
    "They helped me a whole lot, especially due to the great leaders that they are. They told me what I needed to do playbook-wise and to stay in shape, really, basically, everything."

    What is your team goal and your personal goal this season?
    "Our team goal is, basically, to win a championship. My personal goal is to get better and be more family to these guys like they are to me."

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