A Q&A With Junior DL Devin Jones

Mississippi State junior defensive lineman Devin Jones talks about understanding the MSU defense and where MSU head strength coach Matt Balis fits in the scheme of things when it comes to taking the program to another level this season.

  • Devin Jones
  • Junior Defensive Lineman
  • Mississippi State
  • You've been in this program for quite a while now. Do things, such as understanding the defense and handling the workouts, come much easier to you now?
    "Things are more understandable. As for the physical part of it, no, because (MSU strength) Coach (Matt) Balis finds a way to make us mentally stronger each day. So things are tougher."

    The coaches want to take this program to another level this season. What is Coach Balis' part in doing that?
    "Coach Balis just gets us in the weight room and helped us with our conditioning. He, basically, puts the work on us. He makes the workouts mentally tough to make sure when adversity comes we will be able to always come through it."

    Every summer is tough, though.
    "It's tough, but he finds a way to raise the bar each year. And he does a good job of training us. We are in good shape, but Coach Balis always finds a way to make things even more mentally tougher."

    You did the Protect The House workout and he even added to it to his summer, didn't he?
    "Yeah, we did Protect The House then we ran to the farm. It was pretty mentally tough. The stadium, however, was alright because we are kind of getting used to it. But when he said run to the farm, we did it."

    Did you feel like it was a great accomplishment when you finally got to the farm?
    "Well, I'm never going to be satisfied but I feel like I did something that day. I had pride (in myself) that day."

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