Knox and Mirando Talk Newcomers

Mississippi State assistant coaches Greg Knox (running backs) and Angelo Mirando (wide receivers) talk about their true freshmen.

Greg Knox Talks Freshmen Running Backs

What are your thoughts about your true freshmen - Josh Robinson and Derek Milton?
"They are a little lost right now. We have thrown a lot at them in three days. But we are able to see their potential, able to see their talent, because we have been able to get the ball in their hands a little bit. But as far as the assignments, they are a little lost right now."

What you have seen from them that has impressed you about them?
"They bring different styles to the table.

"What we noticed about Josh coming out of high school was his tremendous speed and tremendous power. He can really run the football. We just have to get him to learn his plays. Derek is coming off a knee injury, so he is a little hobbled. He's not making his cuts as smooth as we would like, but in time he will get better."

I know you saw them on film in high school and helped recruit them. Has there been anything that surprised you about them since you've seen them in practice?
"Not really because I had them in camp. And when you have them in camp you really are able to see what they can do. But I guess I do see a little bit more power and explosion from them now that they are in full pads. Their biggest hurdle right now is becoming smarter players."

Angelo Mirando Talks Freshmen Wide Receivers

How are your freshmen, Devin Fosselman and Joe Morrow, doing right now?
"They are learning. They are just trying to keep their head above water right now while we are installing the offense. They just have to keep learning, keep learning, keep learning."

What have you seen from them talent-wise?
"They are talented kids, but they are just raw. They don't know how to do things that we do yet. And that's like every freshman. But they will develop that."

What are your thoughts about them individually?
"They just need to keep working. No one has separated himself. They just need to keep working and get better every day."

I saw both of them at the Mississippi all-star game practices in Mobile, Alabama last year. Devin showed great hands while Joe was picked as the best wide receiver overall by a few of the all-star coaches. Have you seen those same things from them during the few days that you have had them?
"They are both raw, talented kids who just need to be coached. They just need to keep working."

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