A Q&A With Junior WR Chad Bumphis

A question and answer session with Mississippi State junior wide receiver Chad Bumphis.

  • Name: Chad Bumphis
  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • Classification: Junior
  • Ht and Wt: 5-11, 200
  • College: Mississippi State
  • High School: Tupelo HS, Tupelo, MS
  • What was it about Dan (Mullen) that made you change your decision and sign with Mississippi State?
    "The main reason was the offense that he ran. I liked Mississippi State and I liked Coach Croom and the players here. I just didn't see myself in that offense. When Coach Mullen came it seemed like a perfect place."

    Did being closer to home have something to do it with it as well?
    "Yeah, that (also) had a lot to do with it."

    You've done a lot here already. What is the next thing you want to do at Mississippi State?
    "The next thing is trying to be a leader and make sure we get to (the SEC Championship Game) in Atlanta. The thing I see is if we have team success my (personal) success will come. Right now, the main focus is getting to Atlanta and winning an SEC Championship."

    When you came in there weren't a lot of quality wide receivers here. Due to that you had to step in and be the guy almost immediately. How difficult was that?
    "It wasn't too bad because I also had Brandon McRae here. He pretty much showed me the way around here and showed me the things to do."

    Do you take personal pride in your role in helping the receiver corps?
    "Yeah, I do a lot. But we have me, Arceto Clark, Chris Smith and a bunch of people who played last year. As far as helping them, they are all do pretty good. Now, it's about going out and doing it. You look at Jameon (Lewis), he can really play. Now, it's just about him understanding the offense and what defense are doing and going out and doing what he needs to do."

    How do you specifically help the younger receivers?
    "I just tell them to go out and play. We have some young guys who can make plays and who can do a lot of things when they are not out there thinking about it and not worrying about what they have to do. Once they learn the offense and learn what defenses are trying to do, they can go out and make plays like they can."

    During practice, when you see a young guy make a mistake during practice, do you go over and talk to him? And if you do, what do you normally tell him?
    "Yeah, if we see something in practice we'll point something out to them. The younger guys are going to make mistakes. They don't want to but it is going to happen. I was the same way. Sometimes I still mess us but the thing is you can't keep your head down. You just have to keep playing because it is going to happen. The main thing about making a mistake is when you make it you have to be doing it at full speed."

    Almost all of last year's starters on offense last season are back this season. Normally, that means an offense should be better. Has that been the case so far in practices? Is it better?
    "Yeah, we have seen that. And it has to be better simply because we have everybody coming back. I've seen a lot better offense. We are moving the ball well and making a lot less mistakes. I think we are going to be good on offense."

    You go against the defense every day in practice. And they lost Pernell McPhee, Chris White and K.J. Wright from last year's squad. Do you expect them to be as good or not quite as good as last season?
    "I don't think they will miss anything. Of course you can't replace K.J., Chris White and McPhee, but as far as schemes and coaches putting them in the right position, I think we will be fine. The secondary is a lot better."

    Does the quarterback situation make it even better for you?
    "Yeah, considering how far they have come along it's just better for everybody and for the team's success."

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