A Q&A With Junior Right Guard Tobias Smith

One-on-one with Mississippi State junior right guard Tobias Smith.

  • Name: Tobias Smith
  • Position: Right Offensive Guard
  • Classification: Junior
  • Ht and Wt: 6-3, 205
  • College: Mississippi State
  • High School: Columbus HS, Columbus, MS
  • The question you are always asked, are you healthy?
    "Yeah, I'm 100%, feel good, glad to be back playing football. Pray for me (laugh)."

    Are you trying to do anything special to prevent injuries?
    "No, I'm not really trying to do anything to prevent injuries because if an injury is going to happen, it's going to happen. I just play 100% every day and give them all that I have."

    You've seen the one new guy on the offensive line, James Carmon, through the spring, during the summer and through the first few practices of the training camp. Do you think there is going to be that much of a learning curve for him?
    "There is not going to be that much of a learning curve because he had a good spring and in the off-season we worked together. I really think he's pretty much got it all."

    How have you and the other starting offensive linemen helped James?
    "When it comes to the learning curve, it's all about what you are doing without the coaches around. During the summertime, the coaches can't be around. So all of us watch film together and help the younger guys. It's not just James but it's everyone under us who needed help."

    Is James Carmon's talent level similar to Derek Sherrod's?
    "It is very similar. James Still has some things to learn with his technique, but he's very physical and I like that about him."

    Speaking of the summer, do you and the rest of the O-line, as a group, try to do things together, not just on the field but off the field, too. If so, what do you do together?
    "We do things together off the field. We go to the movies, go to eat together as an O-line. We just try to enjoy each other."

    What kind of movies do you guys prefer?
    "Comedy and action movies."

    Getting back to the offensive line and what you like about it, what have you seen from the second unit line that you like?
    "They are young guys but I think they are stepping up and growing up before our eyes. They are going to be real good for years to come."

    How you seen things during the spring and training camp about this offense that makes you believe it will be as good or maybe even better than last season's offense?
    "This offense will be as good as we want it to be because our coaches know what they are doing, so they are going to put us in position to make plays."

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