A Q&A With Sophomore WR Michael Carr

Mississippi State sophomore wide receiver Michael Carr talks about becoming comfortable with the MSU offensive system, how much playing last season helped him prepare for this season, how much better he has become physically since last season, comparing the success his high school had to MSU's success, and his thoughts about his high school and college head coaches Chris Chambless and Dan Mullen.

  • Name: Michael Carr
  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • Classification: Sophomore
  • Ht and Wt: 6-0, 200
  • College: Mississippi State
  • High School: West Point (MS) High School
  • You played as a true freshman. When did you become comfortable with the system last season?
    "There wasn't really just one thing. I worked hard and the guys pushed me to where I was supposed to be (last season). It's all about working hard here."

    How much different does it feel this season now that you have been through a year of playing college ball?
    "I've very confident because of my guys. We have great leaders, great coaches, great strength and conditioning coaches. We are all family and are all into it together. It's a family and it's hard to beat a unified family. We love each other."

    How much better have you gotten physically since you first got here?
    "Like I said, because of our coaches, our strength and conditioning coaches have gotten me bigger, faster and stronger. They have pushed me to my limit. We have great leaders on our team."

    Eventually, you will be one of those leaders. Is somebody like Chad Bumphis helping you to become one of the future leaders?
    "Chad Bumphis is a great guy. I look up to him and also Charles Mitchell. All of our guys have really taught me a lot of things this summer. One thing is to work hard. I appreciate them teaching me how to become a leader."

    You played your high school ball for a great program, West Point High School, and now you are playing for a college program that is on the rise. Is the Mississippi State program becoming a program similar to that but on the collegiate level?
    "Both are great programs but this is a different level. They are the same but it's just on a different level. Those guys at West Point work hard, just like we work hard. Like I said, we are family here, we are all unified, all one, we are all winners in this state."

    Chris Chambless was your coach at West Point. Dan Mullen is your coach here. Both are winners. Are there similarities between the two since they both are building winning programs?
    "Both of them are winners. Coach Chambless and Coach Mullen are like fathers to me. Coach Chambless is the one who took me and started me off. And Coach Mullen just took me in. He's just like Coach Chambless, both are winners but both are like fathers to me. They really treat us well."

    It sounds like you feel pretty lucky to have those two coaches are you high school and college coaches?
    "Yeah, I feel blessed. God sent those coaches my way. God sent me to those two coaches. He sent me through West Point then through here just to give me role models like Coach Chambless and Coach Mullen. They treat me like I'm their own son. I love them both."

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