[Premium Article] Find out what North Pike HS LB Mark Butler, Pascagoula HS OL Nat Duvall and Clarksdale HS S Fred Akines had to say about their recruitment.

Pictured: Nat Duvall"> [Premium Article] Find out what North Pike HS LB Mark Butler, Pascagoula HS OL Nat Duvall and Clarksdale HS S Fred Akines had to say about their recruitment.

Pictured: Nat Duvall">

Recruiting Article, May 14, 2003

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/highschool/football/2004/duvallnat.jpg" align="left" width="120" height="162"> [Premium Article] Find out what North Pike HS LB Mark Butler, Pascagoula HS OL Nat Duvall and Clarksdale HS S Fred Akines had to say about their recruitment.<P> <small><em>Pictured: Nat Duvall</em></small>

Mark Butler is a 6-foot-3, 235-pound linebacker who plays for North Pike High School in Summit, Mississippi.

Mark, who was chosen the All-District Defensive Most Valuable Player and also its Player of the Year, has been selected to participate in the Nike Camp on May 18th.

Hearing from a lot of schools by way of letters, Mark told me that he, "probably will go to Mississippi State camp, and probably the Southern Miss camp. I also plan on going to the Auburn camp. I may go to the Louisiana Tech camp, but I'm not sure."

Letters aren't the only interest schools are showing. According to Mark, several college coaches have visited his school. "Ole Miss came up there. Louisiana Tech's coach has come through. Mississippi State and I think Nicholls State."

Who are the lucky schools that Mark is interested in at this time? "Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Auburn, Ole Miss and, probably, Memphis," Mark said with no hesitation in his voice.

Don't be surprised if North Pike High School becomes one of the hot spots in the state of Mississippi for college coaches when next season rolls around.


  • Mississippi State - Medium
  • Southern Miss - Medium
  • Auburn - Medium
  • Ole Miss - Medium
  • Memphis - Medium
  • Nat Duvall may wind up being one of the top offensive linemen in the state of Mississippi this coming season due to the his size (6-foot-5, 265), speed (5.0 forty), strength (325 bench, 500 squat) and very strong academics (GPA over 3 and ACT over 20).

    An All-Area and All-Region selection, Nat has been chosen to participate in the prestigious Nike Camp on May 18th.

    Nat told me the Nike Camp is not the only camp he hopes to attend. "I'm going to the Southern (Miss) camp in June and the Ole Miss camp, at least. I've talked to my coach about going to a camp in Tennessee. I've not really sure if I will be able to go that far off."

    Nat has seen a large number of coaches come through to see him in practice. "I've had Troy State, Arkansas, Southern Miss, Rice and LSU come through," said Nat.

    He also has had a large number of calls from coaches, even a head coach. "I've gotten calls at the school from (Mississippi) State," said Nat, a youngster who has an easy going phone conversation style. "Jackie Sherrill called my coach. I've gotten calls from Army and one from Yale. I'm not sure they were that interested. I've also gotten calls from Southern (Miss) and Troy State. Arkansas called the school. My coach mentioned a few more (he couldn't remember who they were)."

    With so many schools showing interest in him, Nat didn't have a problem giving me a list of schools he is most interested in at this time. In fact, Nat already knows what he is looking for in a college. I'll let him tell you. "I'm interested in Southern (Miss). They are a top priority because they have a great Marine Biology program and I love the water. I'm going to try to have something to do with being on the water. Really, any in-state schools, also, because I don't want to go that far off. I talked to a guy from Rice and he told me that they have a really great Marine Biology program. He said they would really love to have me. Their scholarships are pretty valuable. I've thought about (Mississippi) State because of engineering. I'm good at math. Ole Miss, I'll have to look into what they have to offer. But, I've always liked Ole Miss. Those are my top four right now."


  • Southern Miss - High
  • Mississippi State - High
  • Ole Miss - High
  • Rice - Medium
  • Fred Akines, a 6-foot-3, 190-pound safety with 4.55 speed in the forty, plays for Clarksdale High School in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

    One of the biggest safeties in the state of Mississippi, Fred, a full-time starter since the 10th grade, is another Mississippi football player who has been invited to the Nike Camp on May 18th.

    He is also looking at several other camps. "I'm planning on attending Ole Miss and Memphis' (camps)," said Fred. "Those are my main two. I might go down to the Mississippi State, too. I went there last year. I had fun down there."

    Not only a very good football player (2nd team All-Division and 2nd team All-State are a couple of honors he earned last season), Fred is a very good student in the classroom. He told me that he plans on, "taking the ACT test in June."

    He has received a recruiting call from Ole Miss' Coach Hobby.

    Despite receiving letters from a very large number of schools, Fred has a good idea what schools he likes at this time. "Ole Miss, Memphis, Mississippi State, Jackson State and Southern Miss," said Fred, when asked to name his favorite schools.


  • Ole Miss - Medium
  • Memphis - Medium
  • Mississippi State - Medium
  • Jackson State - Medium
  • Southern Miss - Medium

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