Cody Brown Talks Official Visit

Biloxi High School senior outfielder Cody Brown visited Mississippi State last weekend and came away impressed. He gives some details on his visit and the latest on his recruiting in this recent interview.

Brown is an athletic, three-sport letterman for Biloxi High in football, baseball and soccer. A strong hitter, he hit .443 with 39 hits including 7 home runs during his junior season. He also played in the Mississippi State Games as a junior and has high expectations for his senior season.

He officially visited Mississippi State this past weekend and made no secret that he would love to play for them.

"My visit went great," he said. "They showed me everything that was in and around the athletic offices, which was really neat to get to see all of that. I took a tour of all the facilities and saw the dorms where the players were. We also went to the MSU/ LSU game which was really amazing. The atmosphere was incredible at that game."

Brown had seen all of the baseball facilities already at the camp he attended a few weeks earlier, and he was still impressed from this past visit.

"Yeah, I love all the baseball facilities," he added. "The boxes and suites at the top were awesome, and I love the workout areas as well."

Cody Brown talked in detail about how Friday went.

"We woke up about 9:00 and they took us over to the athletic building where we were able to hang around," he said. "We met a guy who showed us all the tutoring rooms and tutoring sessions that happen for the athletes; it seems like a place that really value academics. Then we went over and saw the dorms where one of the player's live, and it was neat to see how nice those were."

Brown, at the conclusion of his visit, was able to sit down with MSU head coach John Cohen and have a chat about the possibility of one day playing for the Bulldogs.

"I sat down with him and we talked about things," he said. "I also met with several of the other coaches, and they said they are still waiting, that they might have something for me down the line. I am still hoping to get that offer."

For now, Brown will be finishing his football career at Biloxi High and playing some fall games with a team from New Orleans called the Spice. With offers from several junior colleges in hand, he said he is going to be patient and hope that offer comes from the Bulldogs. will continue to track Cody Brown and other baseball players in the state and other areas with interest in the Bulldogs.

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