A Q&A With Heritage Academy 2012 Blake Sharp

Heritage Academy (Columbus, MS) class of 2012 defensive end/left tackle Blake Sharp talks one-on-one with Scout.com.

  • Name: Blake Sharp
  • Classification: 2012
  • High School: Heritage Academy (Columbus MS)
  • Position: Defensive End/Left Tackle
  • HT: 6-4, WT: 260
  • Scout.com Ranking: Not Rated Yet
  • Schools Interested In: MSU, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, LSU, UL-M, Louisiana
  • Describe yourself as a football player?
    "I am an aggressive player who likes to get to the ball. I don't like to stop until the whistle blows."

    Where did you get that type attitude?
    "Working on my farm all my life has given me the attitude to keep on working hard and keep pushing myself with no limits."

    With all the work you do on the farm what is your day like during the week?
    "I get up early and feed my bulls, go to school, go to football practice, get home, then feed my bulls again, exercise them by running them back and forth between the barn and pasture. When I'm not working out here (at Heritage) I'm working out at home."

    You pass the look test because you look really strong. How you always been as strong as you look?
    "Yes sir. I'm always worked on our farm and that has helped out tremendously. But getting in the weight room has helped even more. I love to lift weights."

    When did you actually start playing football?
    "I started playing in the 4th grade."

    When did you start playing on the varsity?
    "When we finished with our 9th grade season I moved up and started on the varsity. I started on offense and a little bit of defense."

    What positions do you play on offense and defense?
    "I play left tackle on offense and defensive end and defensive tackle on defense. My strong suit is defensive end because I'm really quick and I'm a really good pass-rusher. Defensive end is where I want to play."

    Why do you prefer defensive end?
    "I love defense and I love making tackles. On the offensive side of the ball at left tackle, I do love that, too. I love pancake blocks and love to take people down."

    When did you start getting recruited by colleges?
    "I started receiving letters from all different schools at the beginning of my 11th grade year. I still get letters from them. In the 12th grade I started getting phone calls from coaches."

    What colleges have called you?
    "Ole Miss and Mississippi State are the two that have contacted me the most. Louisiana-Monroe and Louisiana-Lafayette have contacted me, too."

    When they talk to you what position are they talking to you about playing?
    "They are looking at me at defensive line. They like my attitude and my work ethic. They also liked what I did at the All-Madden Camp."

    Tell me about the All-Madden Camp.
    "I attended an Under Armour combine in Atlanta, GA. I ended up being picked. I think I was 1 of 8 kids who were picked from 200-something kids to go to the All-Madden Camp in Bradenton, Florida. I ended up doing really well there. I got the Defensive Line Big Man Award. About three weeks later I was contacted and told that I had made the All-Madden Team, which was 28 of the best players among the 150 that were there."

    Recruiting-wise, what colleges are you interested in?
    "I am interested in Mississippi State the most. Texas A&M is another one that I am interested in. They haven't contacted me by phone but they have told me by letters that they want me to come visit them unofficially. Other schools that are on my list are Ole Miss and LSU. I would also love for Louisiana-Monroe and Louisiana-Lafayette to talk to me more so I could get to know their schools a little bit better."

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