Check Tickets, Come Early

Birmingham - SEC Baseball Tournament fans are reminded to carefully check their tickets before heading to the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium on Friday. The morning session, which will start at 10 a.m., will require a Session #3 ticket, while the evening session, which begins at 5 p.m. with the Alabama vs. Auburn game, will require a Session #4 ticket.

"Because of the postponement of games Wednesday, fans need to make sure not to rely on the date printed on the ticket, but rather the session number," said Gene Hallman, executive director of the Alabama Sports Foundation.

Additionally, fans are being asked by tournament officials to arrive at the stadium early.

"We are anticipating the possibility of large crowds tomorrow night and certainly encourage everyone to come early," said Brad Davis, associate commissioner of the SEC and tournament executive director. "We have increased security procedures in place because of the Orange Alert level and certainly don't want people to miss any of the action. So come early and carry as little as possible."

Tournament officials also remind fans to carefully follow the directions of Hoover police officers.

"We have an outstanding traffic and parking plan in place, but we certainly need the cooperation of everyone involved to keep things moving smoothly," said Hallman.

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