Gabi Oubre' Signs With MSU Golf

Mississippi State has recently signed an outstanding group of women golfers as they look to continue to grow and develop the program. One standout that will make a difference right away is Mobile, Alabama's Gabi Oubre'. She talked about her reasons for inking with the Bulldogs and the skill set she brings to this program in this interview with

Oubre' was a heavily recruited golfer out of Mobile High School who switched her commitment from Auburn to Mississippi State before the early signing period.

"I was originally committed somewhere else actually, and I didn't think that was the right fit for me," she said. "Mississippi State came along and I thought about it a lot, and it just came down to the team there. There is just a great group of girls who I fit in real well with who are very nice and very supportive. They made me real happy with my decision."

The long list of accomplishments for Oubre' is quite impressive, and she credits her skills to her late father who started it all with some father/daughter golfing trips.

"I originally started playing competitively when I was ten," she said. "I was into all sports, and my dad would take me golfing with him. He passed away when I was five, and things just worked out, my mom would take me to the driving ranges. I started entering some tournaments and doing well, and it just started to grow on me. Every year I'd play tournaments and that is how my game took off."

Since making the switch to Mississippi State, Oubre' hasn't looked back. She knows in her heart that she has made the right decision for many reasons.

"I love the school and the way it has a small and close feel even though it is real big," she explained. "The town really supports the school and I like that a lot. I like how involved they are, and the community is great. I love walking into the shops and everything around the town and talking with the friendly people about the school."

The coaches also played a big role in her decision to make her college home in Starkville.

"(Assistant) Coach Leigh (Phillips) and (head coach Ginger) Brown-Lemm are really great," she said. "You can tell they are really motivated and are building a team. They have been so supportive of me, and I think we are going to have a really good team and surprise some people. I think we will come out and impress some people with the talent we have. They like my competitiveness and my desire to win. I also love the game and enjoy being around the team and the team atmosphere."

Playing in so many tournaments, and having a lot of success should benefit Oubre' in her jump to SEC caliber golf. She certainly has a level headed approach to taking on the big time.

"I think my experience will help, but I think for anyone no matter how many tournaments you've played in college will be a different experience," she said. "I have to learn quickly and know that it will be a new challenge for me. Everyone will be good, and I'll have to be aware of that and acknowledge that and do the best I can."

Coach Brown-Lemm was quoted as calling her "cool under pressure." Is this something that comes from confidence, or just something in her personality?

"I would think that it comes from having a laid back personality and the fact that I am pretty easy going," she answered. "In the same token I love to push myself and I like pressure and being put on the spot. I think it makes you a better player, adds to your character and helps you out in the long run."

She will need to continue that calm approach to a game that can quickly fall apart, as anyone who has played golf can attest to.

"I think golf is just a very frustrating game that can get the best of you," she said. "Getting through the tough times and makes goals (are important). I am big on making goals and seeing the overall picture. That is how you just keep working through some bad rounds, remember the big picture and keep fighting through it."

For now, Oubre' plans to keep her game sharp through some more tournaments and workouts with her eyes on her career as a Bulldog in the future.

"The winter months I try to stay busy, and at least a few tournaments a month," she said. "It slows a lot in the winter, but I want to stay in tournament mode and keep my game sharp for when it really starts picking up in the spring and summer."

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