Blaise Carabello Signs With MSU Golf

Mississippi State continues to load up its women's golf team by stockpiling plenty of talent. In the early signing period, four standout golfers inked with the Lady Bulldogs. talked with another one of those rising stars, Blaise Carabello, about some of the factors that led her to continue her career at Mississippi State University.

Carabello, a native of Houston, Texas, is a multi-sport athlete in high school. When she picked up golf clubs for the first time three years ago, there was something about the game of golf that caught her attention above the rest.

"I started playing about three years when I was in between seasons in sports," she said. "I just asked my Mom if I could have a lesson one day, and after that first lesson I was hooked. I just started playing and I couldn't stop.

"Last January we decided this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I found a golf academy on-line in Ft. Worth, and that is where I am now. I dropped my average from a 82 to a 76, and I've been here another four months and have developed a lot more consistency."

Once she decided golf was what she wanted to do with her life, the thought of where to continue her career came up. As important of a decision as it is, she took her time and visited 13 schools before finding the right one for her.

"I love (MSU head) Coach (Ginger) Brown(-Lemm)," she said. "I want to play professionally, and out of all the schools I looked at and all the coaches, I feel like she will be the one to help me become a professional. I trust her because she is an awesome person and coach.

"They are getting new facilities and I loved the team as well. As soon as I stepped on campus and visited with the team and coaches I knew that is where I wanted to be. There was never a second thought."

Among the schools she considered were Coastal Carolina, North Texas, UTSA, Baylor, Winthrop, and Bradley.

What did the coaches tell her that they liked about her game?

"I am a hard worker," she said. "I wake up at 5:30 every morning to practice on my game for an hour and a half. Once I get back from school I practice from 1:00 to 8:00 every day. I am still new to the game but I think that is what she liked about me."

She said that she has really improved just staying consistent in all areas of the game. Also, the mental aspect has improved as she continues to learn.

"Attitude was the biggest adjustment to me as I was first learning the game," she said. "I have improved my ball striking as well. I am not really a long hitter but I hit my fairways and greens pretty well."

Carabello also played soccer for 11 years, along with tennis, volleyball, basketball, and softball. Golf, however, is a different animal because of the difficult mental aspect.

"I think for me one of the hardest adjustments was that I was so used to playing a team sport," she said. "(In golf) you are there by yourself. It was hard for me at first, because with golf the mental game is so much different than the other sports."

She is excited about her future teammates, and said she cannot wait to get on campus and continue to build her own game and the Lady Bulldog program.

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