Francis Kallon 110% Committed To Jackets

Francis Kallon has been a commit to Georgia Tech since June 6th. He has been recruited hard by many other schools but has stayed firmly committed to Georgia Tech. Francis made his official visit to Georgia Tech and both he and his parents came away convinced that Georgia Tech was the place to be for Francis.

Francis Kallon's dad was impressed with the visit. "The trip was wonderful. We had a fantastic time there and really enjoyed everything. Mr.Kallon was impressed with the academic presentations Georgia Tech had for his son. "It was well prepared and really showed how valuable their degree is to a student."

Mr. Kallon came away knowing that if football is not in his son's future, he cannot go wrong with a degree from Georgia Tech. "My wife and I are ones that stress the value of learning and how important it is to continually educate yourself with the best resources possible and Georgia Tech is that type of school."

The visit confirmed his son's commitment to Georgia Tech 110%. "The coaches there really showed us and Francis that while football is a part of college, it is very important that you get a quality education and they stressed that very much. I know the football at Georgia Tech is good but the education is top notch and that is what Francis is looking for in a college." The Kallons went to other schools to see how different things are from school to school and found Georgia Tech had what they were looking for.

Francis agreed with his dad's assessment. "I enjoyed my time there and it was very nice. Emmanuel Dieke was my host and we had a very good time."

Kallon found what he was looking for on the visit. He saw that Georgia Tech is a very good school. Kallon looks forward to signing with Georgia Tech in February. "I don't see anything stopping that from happening."

The visit to Georgia Tech looks to be the last for Kallon. "I don't see me going anywhere else for visits or combines at this time."

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