2015 Malcolm Evans Update

Malcolm Evans, a freshman basketball player at Callaway High School in Jackson, Mississippi, is a very talented player who has a chance to be one of the best in Mississippi and maybe the southeast by his senior season.

MBA Hoops head coach Omhar Carter brims over with excitement when talking about Malcolm.

"The thing that I love about him is he is so long," said Carter. "He is 6-7, has a 7-1 wingspan, can handle the ball and shoot the three. He can (also) get separation and dribble with either hand. Both Malcolm and (8th grader) Mario (Kegler) remind me of a (younger version) of Q (LaQuinton Ross) and Rodney Hood. They are both tall, play outside around the perimeter and can shoot outside."

And Malcolm has gotten to this stage while playing less than a year's worth of organized basketball.

"Something interesting about Malcolm is he just started playing basketball last March," said Carter. "He's come this far in less than a year. He's already got the skill and the intangibles and he just started playing in March. His future is outstanding."

And it's very possible he will not only improve his game but also grow a few more inches in height.

"The last time (Malcolm) went to the doctor, the doctor said he should grow to be about 6-10 to 6-11. I don't know if that will happen but right now he looks like he's got a tremendous future ahead of him."

Malcolm Evans is matter of fact when it comes to his game.

"Basketball-wise, my strengths are going to the hole and finishing, scoring a basket when we need it," said the youngster. "I score a little outside but not too much. Defensively, I like to get my team involved."

Still new to the game, there is a lot of work yet to be done. And Malcolm understands what areas he needs to work on the most.

"I need to work on my shooting, my footwork and my defense," said Malcolm. "It's all about defense because defense wins games."

Malcolm is playing AAU basketball to help him be as good as he possibly can. That's the reason he chose MBA Hoops.

"We have players who have gone on to play at D-I colleges, so that helps me out a lot knowing that," said Malcolm. "But it really depends on who your coach is and Omhar is a good coach."

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