MSU's 2012 Signing Class (Updated: 5:43 pm)

Mississippi State football has added 28 players (Three December, 2011 juco signees included in the 28) to their team with the 2012 recruiting class.

Mississippi State 2011 SIGNEES
Quay Evans

DT, 6-2, 318, 5.0
Evans is lightning fast off the ball. He's to quick to pull a guard away from him, because he'll break up the play in the backfield. Outstanding body lean and change of direction. He is constantly in the backfield and ball carriers have a hard time sidestepping him because of his ability to drop his shoulders and turn. He plays with outstanding strength and leverage. Does a good job of keeping blockers off of his legs - Scott Kennedy.

MSU, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia Tech, LSU, Miami, Ole Miss, Oregon, Texas, UCLA, USC and many others
Denico Autry

DE, 6-5, 250
At this stage of his career Autry is a pass rushing specialist. He has a quick first step and a strong spin move that gets him into the backfield quickly. With his long lean frame, he's not as strong against the run as he is rushing the passer, but he has the frame to keep getting stronger and heavier without costing himself his quickness. He may actually get quicker as he gets stronger to improve his core strength - Scott Kennedy.

MSU, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Miami (FL), Ole Miss, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, USC and many others
Nick James

DT, 6-5, 335
A big DT for his Long Beach team, James gets a tremendous burst off the ball. He has good flexibility though he tends to pop up out of his stance too often. Will need to learn to keep his pads down and blockers off of his chest and legs. He has a good motor and will chase plays to the sideline. His quick first step makes it hard for one blocker to handle him. More lower body strength should improve his change of direction - Scott Kennedy.

MSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Miami (FL), Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Tennessee and many others
Beniquez Brown

OLB, 6-2, 202
Beniquez Brown is just a tremendous athlete. But what I think separates him from everyone else is his ability to dominate on both sides of the ball. He can take over a game on defense or offense and that is unique. A lot of players play on both sides of the ball but it doesn't take long to recognize which side he really needs to be on but not Beniquez. He could play tailback or linebacker in college and be equally effective. Beniquez is a very instinctive football player. That is what makes him so special and effective on both sides of the ball. - Florence Head Football Coach Alvin Briggs.

MSU, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss, North Carolina State, Vanderbilt and others
Will Redmond

CB, 6-0, 176, 4.41
Redmond is an athlete that could play corner or possibly receiver on the next level. His most upside is at corner because of his long arms, his ball skills, and the way he anticipates back in the secondary. He still needs to improve his play closer to the line of scrimmage, add weight to his frame, and react a little quicker when the ball is in the air. He has the skill-set to be a very good corner in college - Chad Simmons.

MSU, Georgia, Ole Miss, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and others
Richie Brown

MLB, 6-2, 222
Richie is a very versatile player who can make his team better both on and off the field. Brown is quick to the ball and is always near the action. Once he diagnoses the play, he explodes towards the ball carrier. He is a very aggressive player who wants to make the big play. At times he relies on arm tackling rather than forming up his tackle, but that can be corrected easily. He plays the game wide open which makes him a fan favorite - Steve Robertson.

MSU, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Tennessee, LSU, Purdue, Stanford, UCF, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and others
Devon Desper

C, 6-5, 295, 4.6
Desper is a very intense player who does his best to manhandle the man across from him on every snap. He can play up and down the line which makes him an even more attractive prospect. Devon is very intelligent and has no problems calling the protections on the fly. A redshirt year in a college weight room will be beneficial to him as he begins to mature physically. Desper is a very hard worker who wants to reach his full potential - Steve Robertson.

Xavier Grindle

RB, 5-11, 195, 4.45
A well rounded back, Grindle has good size and quickness. He does all the little things right including setting up his blocks, pass protection, protecting the ball, and using his off hand to stiff arm would be tacklers. He has has good feet with excellent vision and patience. Grindle has good acceleration and balance. Will break long runs after making a man miss or breaking a tackle, rather than just blowing by defenders - Scott Kennedy.

MSU, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Memphis, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Vanderbilt
A.J. Jefferson

DE, 6-2, 250
A.J. has an explosive first step which makes him very difficult to deal with when he lines up outside in obvious passing situations. Jefferson will need to add some mass to be as effective on the college level. A.J. is not the stereotypical BCS conference D end, but he has the explosiveness to make up for anything he lacks in size. He is a bit of a tweener, but there is a lot to like about A.J. - Steve Robertson.

MSU, Memphis, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Tulane
Jordan Washington

DT, 6-2.5, 275, 5.58
Washington is ranked the 58th best defensive tackle in the nation by According to's Chad Simmons, he can play either defensive tackle or defensive end.

MSU, Indiana, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Ohio State, South Florida, Southern Miss and others
Cole Carter

OL, 6-6, 270
Carter plays tight end on the high school level, but he will make the transition back to the offensive line on the college level. Cole has great size and carries his weight extremely well. He shows a good motor and very good conditioning for a bigger guy. Cole has a mean streak and he tends to play with a chip on his shoulder, but he does not let his emotions get the better of him. He comes from a football family, so he has a solid foundation.

Brandon Holloway

RB, 5-9, 165, 4.37
Speed, speed, speed. Holloway is one of the five fastest players in the state and he comes with tremendous acceleration. Capable of helping on special teams early in his career. Is he the next Chris Johnson, Brandon James, or Dexter McCluster? Each of those guys were under the radar in the last decade from the Sunshine State - Geoff Vogt.

MSU, Arizona State, Iowa State, UAB, Vanderbilt and several others
Adarrius Perkins

S, 6-2, 210, 4.6
Perkins sees time on both sides of the ball for his FCAHS team. He is a good athlete with excellent size and room to keep growing. He sees most of his time on defense in high school, but may have trouble transitioning to the college level on that side of the ball unless he becomes more aggressive. He has adequate top end speed for the receiver position and has solid hands - Scott Kennedy.

MSU, Memphis, Ole Miss, Southern Miss and a couple of others
Cedric Jiles

CB, 5-10, 170, 4.4
Jiles is a fleet footed corner who has been clocked under 4.4 on multiple occasions. When the ball is in the air, he has a gear that most other corners lack. Cedric is also strong in run support. He shows no hesitation to come up and lay a lick on running back looking for the corner. Cedric will need to continue to get stronger and learn to be more physical with receivers looking to get off of the line, but he has no major issues of concern.

MSU, Southern Miss
Nelson Adams

DT, 6-5, 298
Nelson has played several positions in high school, but it appears he will play on the interior defensive line on the next level. He has a great wingspan and very good length. Adams has a bit of an awkward gait which would hurt him playing on the edge in the college game. He seems to enjoy the contact of close quarter football, so tackle should prove to be a good spot for him as long as he can carry the weight and develop the leg strength - Steve Robertson.

Deonte Evans

RB, 5-11.5, 187, 4.5
Deonte has excellent straight line speed and he is not a player that is caught from behind very often. Evans is a solid football player who can play all over the field as his team's needs change. Above all things, Deonte has the intangibles that coaches look for. He wants to win and he is willing to play the price to get better and he will inspire those around him to follow suit. Evans is not a power back, so he will look to make plays in space.

MSU, Memphis, Ole Miss, UAB and others
Quadry Antoine

S, 5-11, 210, 4.59
Quadry Antoine has rarely found a collision he did not like. Quadry is the type of player who hits with every once of his physical being. Antoine is a very physical player who seems to enjoy getting into the heads of his opponents without a lot of verbiage. He plays a lot bigger than he measures in. He comes in closer to 5-10 than 6-0, but he is put together well and he spends a lot of time in the weight room. Antoine has the versatility to play a rover type position. He has the speed to run with receivers in the open field and the strength and power to get off of blocks near the line of scrimmage - Steve Robertson.

MSU, Memphis, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, Southern Miss and others
Kivon Coman

CB, 6-1, 190
Kivon had a summer and senior season (that) established him as one of the best cover guys in the state (of Alabama) - Andrew Bone.

MSU, South Florida and a couple of others
Torrey Bell

OLB/DE, 6-5, 225, 4.7
Torrey Bell is long, rangy defensive end prospect with a tremendous wingspan. He does a good job of getting his arms inside and keeping blockers off of him. He appears to be as tall as advertised, but he is still a bit on the thin side. A couple of years in a college weight room will be extremely beneficial for him. With his frame, Torrey will be able to add a lot of mass and get his body college game day ready. He has the first step needed to compete on the next level, he just needs to develop the strength, toughness and explosiveness to be a difference maker - Steve Robertson.

MSU, Southern Miss
Ryan Brown

DE, 6-5, 240, 4,7
Brown is an easy player to spot on the field. He has great height and length. He plays with a lot of effort ... throughout the game. He has a good motor and looks to lead by example on the field. Brown has good pass rushing ability and a good first step. Unlike some of his high school peers, he does not pop out of his stance too early which enables him to maintain good pad level. Ryan has very active hands and does a good job preventing his offensive marker from engaging him inside and controlling the confrontation - Steve Robertson.

MSU, Colorado, South Florida, Southern Miss, Tulane and others
Frederick Brown

WR, 6-2, 185
Brown is a very physical receiver who can be quite a handful for a defensive back looking to play press coverage. Fred is very active with his hands off of the line which prevents DBs from knocking him off of his routes. He plays very hard no matter the score and tends to take his battle with opponents as a personal insult. Fred can be better in the open field and find a cleaner lane to the endzone, but his route running skills are very good - Steve Robertson.

MSU, Memphis, Ole Miss
Devon Bell

P/K, 6-3, 190
Over the course of the summer Devon has earned his fair share of accolades during his camping trips. At the Adidas Southern Kicking Invitational, Bell was won the kickoff and punting competitions. Hang time is a key part of Devon's arsenal. One of Devon's (Mississippi State) camping efforts resulted in a record 4.63 seconds of hang time. Bell will start out in Starvkille as a kick off specialist and eventually compete for place kicking and punting responsibilities. One kicking coach reports that Devon has leg strength that ranks in the top 1% of the country - Steve Robertson.

Justin Senior

OT, 6-6, 280
He had a big learning curve when he got here since he was coming from Canada. He worked real hard and he always had a great attitude. From the fourth game on he really picked it up and just started getting more and more playing time. He was the fastest lineman we had when we did testing and he was the youngest. He's about 6-5, 300 right now and I believe he can be a guy who plays at 315 to 320. Justin is going to be your prototypical left tackle type. He has great footwork and his (82-inch) wingspan is just unreal - Hargrave Offensive Line Coach Michael McGee. MSU, Memphis and others
Charles Siddoway

OT, 6-6, 300
He was All-Conference, All Region and an All-American at tackle. As far as some of his attributes go, he can really run. He's an unbelievable athlete for a player his size. (Former Butte College offensive lineman) Danny Watkins was a first round pick of the Philadelphia Eagles. Charles can be that same type of player. He was the athleticism to play a long time. He has the potential to be a very good player at Mississippi State - Butte College Head Football Coach Jeff Jordan. MSU, Iowa State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, San Diego State, Texas Tech, West Virginia and others
Artimas Samuel

WR/TE, 6-2, 205
He has the body of a linebacker right now and he is playing mostly wide receiver and some tight end. He has the frame to add good weight and maintain his speed, so many schools will want to just get him on campus and then decide where to slot him on their roster - Chad Simmons.

MSU, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, South Carolina
Gus Walley

TE, 6-4, 215
Walley has very good hands and runs well after the catch. He has good, but not great speed and he has the frame to carry more mass without effecting his quickness of foot speed - Steve Robertson.

MSU, Louisiana, Southern Miss, UAB
Nick Schuessler

QB, 6-4, 180, 4.6
People have always followed Nick, but I think he became more of a leader this year. I think that's where he improved the most. He has a real strong arm. He is a good athlete and he has great feet. He was always one of the best in our agility drills and he's been timed at 4.6 in the 40. He has a little burst when he runs the ball that surprises some people because he's so tall and lanky - Grayson Head Football Coach Mickey Conn.

MSU, Middle Tennessee, Colorado State
Dylan Holley

C, 6-3, 305
Holley, who will have three years to play two, is a second-team junior college All-American who is expected to come in and compete for either a starting or backup spot on the offensive line during the 2012 season - Gene Swindoll

MSU, East Carolina, South Alabama, UAB

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