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[Premium Article] Jonathan Lyons is a 6-foot-3, 305-pound offensive lineman who plays for McGill-Toolen High School in Mobile Alabama. Jonathan has Mississippi State on his list of schools. Gene's Page caught up with Jonathan Wednesday night.

What schools called you during the May evaluation period?
"Florida State, LSU, Central Florida, Mississippi State, Marshall, Rice and Clemson. That's about it."

What schools have offered a scholarship?

Have you attended any camps this summer?
"I went to the Nike Camp at Auburn a few weeks ago and I just got back from the LSU camp today. I also went to Alabama's on May 31st through June 3rd."

What other camps do you plan on attending?
"I plan on going to the Florida State camp, Mississippi State, Central Florida, and the Auburn camp this weekend."

Do you have a list of your favorite schools?
"Definitely LSU, Alabama, Central Florida, Auburn and Mississippi State."

You said definitely LSU. You must have some kind of connections to LSU.
"I've just been most impressed with LSU, so far, but I haven't been to Mississippi State yet."

Why are you interested in Mississippi State? Is it because they started recruiting you or is there some other reason?
"Just because they are recruiting me."

What did you know about Mississippi State prior to them recruiting you?
"I know about Jackie Sherrill. I know he is a heck of a guy. But I want to go up to their camp, so I can learn more about them."

What was your impressions of the MSU coach that is recruiting you?
"I really liked Coach Campbell. He was an easy guy to talk to. I didn't feel real pressured when I talked to him."

What makes Jonathan Lyons so good that you would have such great teams recruiting you?
"It all just comes down to hard work. I've never been the type guy that would take a play off or relax during practice. I've been told that I'm a leader so I keep myself going and motivated even during the hard work of two-a-days. If you work hard in the weight room and practice, you will be successful on the field."

Thanks, Jonathan.
"Yes sir."

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